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Haptics device creates realistic virtual textures
New funding to help spur more global success for UK’s independent film, TV and video games
Cartels exploiting cost-of-living crisis will face action, warns CMA
Senior Design Expo highlights engineering achievements
Victoria’s modding pioneer raises US$26 million in Series funding
Sensor bracelet designed to give back control to hand-impaired
Our plan to keep Australian families safe online
New partnership to improve education on Loot boxes
Better assess needs of people with multiple disabilities
Gaming company Behaviour Interactive partners with Concordia’s Next-Generation Cities Institute
Experts develop new ways of visualising ancient small objects by combining technologies from archaeological research
New methods for visualizing small objects and artifacts
Better coaching needed to prevent burnout among video gaming pros
Annual OT Adaptive Expo returns to Innovation Hall
As Artificial Intelligence Accelerates, AI for Children Toolkit Puts Youth First
Spectacular exhibition redefining video games coming to Perth
Maternal socialization, not biology, shapes child brain activity
“The West now realizes it has taken some things for granted”
Active video games provide alternative workout
Games Industry Census 2022 reveals working from home shift, increase in mental health struggles
Atlanta Track Club and Microsoft create new programs to encourage healthy habits and STEM education
Can virtual reality game help teens regulate emotions?
Screen Australia launches Games: Expansion Pack fund to support Australian games
President Dr Clare Skinner’s address on International Women’s Day 2022
Virtual way to rehab from stroke
Memory may alter how we perceive visual and auditory information we encounter
Physicists discover method for emulating nonlinear quantum electrodynamics in laboratory setting
Guided understanding, not rules, could help children stay safer online
Apple launches inaugural Entrepreneur Camp for Latin founders
Virtual reality farm tour expands access to urban agriculture
Join Local Innovation Challenge to Design an eSports Centre
What’s next big blockchain craze?
Minecraft build can be used to teach almost any subject, according to Concordia researchers
Students explore meaning of Christmas, New Year through three events
Academics find game classifications do not influence popularity
OSU research uncovers impact of leisure activities on mental health during pandemic
Concordia-made video game highlights daily struggles of essential workers
Nearly third of TV ads play to empty rooms
Idea of creative machines is challenging notion of human uniqueness
Reimagining textile production
University of Missouri earns $12 million in grants to boost science education, literacy
University of Toronto nursing prof draws on video games to design learning simulations
Kids Aren’t Really Alright
Enduring buzz around bees inspires art and culture through ages
Immersive video game explores history of women at MIT
How to build resilience and boost your mental health
Cr Geoff Lovett
Social connectedness, sleep, and physical activity associated with better mental health among youth during Covid pandemic