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WHO and Angry Birds Friends encourage communities to stay active during Covid
Smartphone gaming can be harmful for some seeking relief from boredom
Childhood exposure to gun violence increases risk of violent behavior as adults
U to test if video games can relieve late-life depression
NEX Offers Fee-Free Layaway in Time for Back-to-School
What does sleeping brain think about?
Maritime Museum launches Wreck Seeker, third digital gaming experience in series
Digital gaming experience brings maritime archaeology to life for next generation of explorers
NIH Grant Supports Clinical Trial to Determine if Video Games Can Relieve Late-Life Depression
NASA Software Benefits Earth, Available for Business, Public Use
Managing attention deficit disorder by training brain
Touchdown: Burn survivor gets support during toughest challenge of his life
New COVID-19 vaccine clinic for people with autism, other neurodevelopmental conditions
Kit clashes affect performance in football matches, new study shows
Virtual training helps underserved middle schoolers hone social skills
Only 16, University of Toronto grad Vivian Xie is a big fan of learning – as long as it’s fun
With a PhD in stats, University of Toronto grad Cédric Beaulac plans to teach, do research and explore video game design
Commercial video games could help treat mental illness
Why punishment may work on some, but not all people
Music listening near bedtime disruptive to sleep, Baylor study finds
Cross-disciplinary program will train industry-ready grads in growing field of SMART technology
Music Listening Near Bedtime Disruptful to Sleep, Baylor Study Finds
Forget wearables: Future washable smart clothes powered by Wi-Fi will monitor your health
Researcher David Samson on mental health rewards of sleep – and tips on how to achieve it
Researchers Introduce 6P Color Imaging System that Could Revolutionize TV, Cinema Storytelling
Mind games: Study finds gaming improves memory and physical function in older people
Young Teens Should Only Use Recreational Internet and Video Games One Hour Daily, Rutgers Research Suggests
Best predictor of arrest rates? ‘birth lottery of history’
A case study in flexibility and customer service
Warwick – UK’s top esports university – invests £275,000 in new esports centre and seeks backers to bring skills, tourists
Game on with new tax rebate for developers
Budget paves way for small business-led national economic recovery
Paying attention to how we see: Nicholas Gaspelin receives NSF Career Award
How Puppeteers Use Performance to Communicate Research
Hanscom AFB teams support testing of AI and ‘robotic dogs’ at Tyndall AFB
30% tax offset a game-changer for Australian industry: Ombudsman
Player to engineer: Iowa State senior turns computer game passion into career
University of Toronto startup draws on AI, linguistics to power facial animation in video games
‘Pokemonas’: Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon
Digital mental health interventions for young people are perceived promising, but are they effective
Virtual reality could help improve balance in older people
Children more distracted by digital devices in home, parents say
Esports cup comes to Greater Hamilton in 2021
Esports team takes podium place in national competition
£7 million Global Screen Fund launched
Will taps into power of gaming for career inspiration
Innovative fitness program encourages kids with heart disease or transplants to train safely at home
Video game tournament set for Youth Week Tasmania