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£7 million Global Screen Fund launched
Will taps into power of gaming for career inspiration
Innovative fitness program encourages kids with heart disease or transplants to train safely at home
Video game tournament set for Youth Week Tasmania
BBC research partnership to enable future personalised media for everyone
Video game industry’s problems are mostly due to people, not technology, Concordia researchers argue
Research shows links between loot boxes and problem gaming
New 3D exhibit by U-M Museum of Natural History offers up-close encounters with prehistoric whales
Art meets science at new frontier with 3D visualisation
Scientists design first computer system to assist film scriptwriters produce storylines with best chance of box-office success
Homegrown Olympian aiming squarely for gold at Tokyo
NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Prepares for First Flight
Large New Study Reveals Rates of Brain Abnormalities in Healthy Children
Playing Virtual Reality Video Game May Boost Seniors’ Memory
Why Are Young Adults Having Less Casual Sex?
Swinburne extends partnership with ACMI
Algorithm helps artificial intelligence systems dodge “adversarial” inputs
An epic tribute to stupid fun
“What Is a Short Squeeze?” and Other Pressing Stock Market Questions Answered
2020 Vice Chief’s Challenge winners announced
Launceston replicated in Minecraft map
Social influencers can boost attention paid to brands yet erode sentiment toward video, research finds
Swiss video games preserved as part of cultural heritage
Our first tenants for Renew Fitzroy Street are moving in
Youth with autism see sharp decline in physical activity between ages 9-13, OSU study finds
Gaming for good: How Playmob connects gamers to SDGs
A New Archaeology for Anthropocene Era
Want a hot stock tip? Avoid this type of investment fund
Aggressive Video Games: Effects on Mental Health and Behaviors in Young People
Neural Networks Playing Video Games Teach Us About Our Own Brains
Exhausted by 2020? Here are 5 steps to recover and feel more rested throughout 2021
Cortex over reflex: Study traces circuits where executive control overcomes instinct
Our top 10 articles from 2020
High-five or thumbs-up? New device detects which hand gesture you want to make
Holiday stress: University of Michigan psychologist says manage expectations
NWA-grant for project ‘Streaming past’
Holiday stress: University of Michigan psychologist says managing expectations
Patient rounds: Ages-old care & learning concept gets technology upgrade, international collaboration
Lessons in architecture: 3D without leaving classroom
Legal reforms needed to protect people from “deepfake” and AI intellectual property theft, expert warns
Want cheaper nuclear energy? Turn design process into a game
In fiction, we remember deaths that make us sad
Study suggests sugary diet endangers waste-eating protein crucial to cellular repair
UK leads way in a ‘new age of accountability’ for social media
Older Aussies turn to video games to improve balance and brain function
Microsoft and Warner Bros. Pictures assemble all-star team in Lebron James
Automating material-matching for movies and video games
NFSA CEO resigns