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Scientists Fish for Proteins with Optical Tweezers
Real AI Needs Human Brain Cells: Biology Powers Computers
Scientists Unveil Plan for Human Brain-Powered Biocomputers
US Preteens at Risk Due to Excessive Screen Time
New approaches to gambling harm minimisation
Infants Outperform AI in “Commonsense Psychology”
Infants Beat AI at Common Sense Psychology
Screen Territory grants expand into exciting new field
Digital Media’s Impact on Perception Examined
Video games: – Parents follow boys with argus eyes
Play hands-on science games at MagLab open house
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Microsoft-Activision Deal Could Hurt UK Gamers
No Negative Effects of Video Games on Child Cognitive Abilities Found
Research: No Cognitive Impact from Video Game Playing in Young Kids
Pigeons Take On AI in Mental Challenge
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Kicking Robot Dogs: Is it Acceptable?
Faster Broadband for Millions of Homeowners, Tenants
Investing in our innovative small businesses
Researchers Develop Strain Sensors for Health, Machine Use
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Caltech and Activision Publishing Team Up to Combat Bad Behavior Online
An epic drama “Land of Legends” and an animated film “Detective Chirp and Golden Beehive” became most watched films
Screen Time Linked to OCD in U.S. Preteens
Screen Time Linked to OCD in US Preteens
Buying loot boxes in video games linked to problem gambling
Online gaming boosts career prospects and develops soft skills
Game on for Digital Games Tax Offset
Suzanne Guèvremont becomes 17th Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of National Film Board of Canada