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World-first study reveals why people with COPD are more susceptible to Covid
Study tracks Covid infection dynamics in adults
Johns Hopkins Study Finds Patients Hospitalized with Omicron Face Similar Risks to Those with Delta
Lack of glove changes at Covid testing centers in Belgium led to major cross-contamination of samples and high rate of false
Nanoparticles could enable more sensitive and durable rapid Covid test
Covid: Vaccination greatly reduces infectious viral load
Pfizer to Acquire ReViral and Its Respiratory Syncytial Virus Therapeutic Candidates
Urgently needed HIV services are supporting Ukrainian refugees in Moldova
Scientists help to reduce Covid infection risks for most vulnerable
Lessons from ‘long COVID’ clinic
Researcher turns to big data in hunt for HIV cure
Easier, faster assay enables many more laboratories to identify Covid variants
Cabenuva listed on PBS for Australians living with HIV
‘ UV-LED lights can kill coronaviruses and HIV with flip of switch
With flip of switch, UV-LED lights could be used to kill coronaviruses and other germs
Continued funding for HIV community response
Could CAR T cells offer hope for an HIV cure?
Working together to help refugees in Republic of Moldova
Chemical Found in Leafy Greens Shown to Slow Growth of Covid and Common Cold Viruses
Researchers identify remdesivir-resistant variant of Covid virus in immunocompromised patient
Research reveals effectiveness of pill form of remdesivir to treat Covid
Eastern Cape becomes first South Africa province to campaign on U = U
Groundbreaking WA rapid Covid screening system to help protect remote and FIFO communities
Gamechanger HIV injection rolls out in South Africa and Brazil
First Participants dosed in ENA Respiratory’s phase 2a study
New Covid research: Face masks play crucial role
Herbal medicine practitioner fined $2,664 for making ‘miracle’ claims
Face masks play crucial role, new COVID research confirms
“My life’s mission is to end stigma and discrimination, and that starts with U = U”
Lateral flow tests may be missing ‘substantial’ number of Covid infections
Number of covid-19 infections missed by lateral flow tests “substantial enough to be of clinical importance,” warn experts
What’s impact of new HIV variant on HIV response?
Ventilation, humidity are key to limiting virus spread, study says
Ventilation, humidity are key to indoor virus spread, study says
Common Virus May Cause Serious Disease in Transplant Patients
Protective mutations in Covid
Fast-spreading HIV variant doubles rate of immune system decline
New highly virulent and damaging HIV variant discovered in Netherlands
Tracking SARS-CoV-2 during Tokyo 2020 via wastewater
Research estimates prevalence of undiagnosed HIV in kids in sub-Saharan Africa
Covid human challenge study reveals detailed insights into infection
One hundred and fifty thousand preventable new HIV infections among children in 2020
Small group of genetic variants in extremely ill patients with COVID may help explain big differences
Heat treatment as novel strategy to fight against SARS-CoV-2
Covid can remain active for longer than recommended quarantine period
Make-up of gut microbiome may be linked to long COVID risk
New, better coronavirus rapid test
How Easy Is It to Update COVID Vaccines to Tackle New Variants?