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ChatGPT and Dr Google Answer Questions about Cancer
AI predicts cancer patient survival by reading doctor’s notes
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How does innovation transform businesses?
New approach for comparing neural networks exposes how artificial intelligence works
Artificial intelligence pioneers fund next generation of researchers
Jessica Taylor Piotrowski appointed Professor of Communication in Digital Society
Adding AI to Museum exhibits increases learning, keeps kids engaged longer
Technique Smooths Path for ‘Federated Learning’ AI Training in Wireless Devices
Vodafone takes customer service to next level with Google Cloud and Genesys-powered AI virtual assistant ‘TOBi’ and Speech IVR
Protecting children from impacts of AI
Asurion Mobile+, smart phone insurance launches in Australia
Toward speech recognition for uncommon spoken languages
Growing business demand for AI sees UNSW partner with IBM
Designing ‘smart’ security for smart devices
HMRC performance update April to June 2021
HMRC’s performance during unique year
Three new programs will prepare workers for careers in digital economy
Queensland Health deploys state-of-art-technology to support community
Artificial intelligence pioneers awarded honorary doctorates
NIST Proposes Method for Evaluating User Trust in Artificial Intelligence Systems
Microsoft accelerates industry cloud strategy for healthcare with acquisition of Nuance
Warm feelings about human-looking robots can turn icy when bots blunder
People affected by COVID-19 are being nicer to machines
AI method can detect precursors to cervical cancer
First Master’s programme on managing risks of AI launched by Cambridge
Could chatbot be a lifeline for dementia carers?
Council adopts 2019/20 Annual Report
People living with dementia find joy with customised technology
Glasgow AI experts receive UK Government funding
World class AI-research to be done by Warwick academics
£20 million boost for world class AI research could transform cancer treatment and save lives
Hey Google, it’s time you listened closely to what our kids are saying
Hey Google, our kids have something important to say
£300 million to boost UK manufacturing productivity by 30%
Whiteness of AI erases people of colour from our ‘imagined futures’, researchers argue
Mastercard and ANNA Money extend partnership
Austrade regional market update on impact of COVID-19 29 July
Reducing racial bias in facial recognition