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US subsidies boost expected profits and development of new oil and gas fields
COVID aside, how we manage our health needs to change
EPA fines Veolia Environmental Services for waste offence
Blushing plants reveal when fungi are growing in their roots
University of Minnesota develops new tool to help farmers make crop input decisions
Wetland restoration offers best protection against agricultural run-off
Majority of Australians support UNESCO Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’ listing
Concordia professor examines which industry practices really work to advance global sustainability goals
Study confirms: burning coal in Bulgaria causes water stress
EPA fines power station operator for alleged water pollution
Singlet Oxygen Selectively Degrades Oxytetracycline in Fenton-like Oxidation
Efficient biofilters can slow climate change
Anglian Water pays out £100,000 to charity for 2 water pollutions
Green Chemistry Challenge Awards honor innovators
Dragonflies: Species losses and gains in Germany
EPA fines steel producer for alleged water pollution
Natural Rainbow Colorants Microbially Produced
Action needed to fix Somerset Levels and Moors’ phosphate level
New ‘Swiss Army knife’ cleans up water pollution
Is U.S. Understating Climate Emissions from Meat and Dairy Production?
Thames Water fined £4 million after catastrophic sewage blunder
Keeping more ammonium in soil could decrease pollution, boost crops
Mitigating emissions in livestock production sector
City becomes increasing source of water pollution this century
Benefits of wheat in corn-soybean crop rotations
Natural England launches species reintroductions task force to help drive recovery of declining species
Protecting Local Water Can Help Slow Climate Change and Provide Trillions of Dollars in Benefits
Animal production responsible for vast majority of air quality-related health impacts from U.S. food
Analytics platform for coastal desalination plants wins 2021 Water Innovation Prize
Aus Government’s $30m investment for water quality is good news for Reef
EPA fines company for water pollution at Shell Cove Boat Harbour
Scroll’n’roll — nanomaterials towards effective photocatalytic pollution treatment
New report: Net zero emissions impossible unless AGL ditches coal
Revealed: coral fights back against crown of thorns starfish
What Spurs People to Save Planet? Stories or Facts?
Wetland classroom recognised for research & innovation
Business Impact Symposium examines industry sustainability
A Proclamation on National Public Health Week, 2021
EPA fines Dendrobium Coal $15K for alleged water pollution
Environment Agency calls on builders to follow duty of care
British Embassy welcomes environmental ideas ahead of COP26
Sydney Water convicted and fined $175k for significant sewage spill
NASA Images Reveal Important Forests and Wetlands are Disappearing in Belize
Strengthening women’s leadership role in Colombia’s artisanal gold mining sector
EPA fines concrete supplier $23K for water pollution
A manatee with ‘TRUMP’ scraped into its back was itself disturbing
UN Human Rights Council 46 UK Statement on Human Rights and Environment
Flipflopi sets sail around Lake Victoria to raise awareness on pollution menace in East Africa