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Pygmy perch living large in Grafton
LNP’s $6m Reef tourism support pledge welcome – much more to do on climate, water quality
UK statement to WTO’s Council for Trade in Services – Special Session
Which party policies will give our Great Barrier Reef a fighting chance this election
Global Food Production Threatens Climate
Executive Order on Modernizing America’s Water Resource Management and Water Infrastructure
CEFC backs Australia’s next wave of cleantech startups through Startmate
Major joint venture commits to improved environmental outcomes
Senate Inquiry report confirms what we already know about our precious Reef
$20 million ‘Reef Builder’ program set to recover near extinct marine ecosystem
EPA to consider health impacts and environmental justice in prosecutions
Newfoundland and Labrador company fined $25,000 for an offence under Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
EOIs called for EPA Board
New framework contractors appointed to help stop mine water pollution
Tough, timely and team-driven: 50 years of energy research
Gold Coast Bay Hope Spot embraces harmony between city and sea
Project led by University researcher to help at-risk fish in lower Great Lakes
Maldives records highest micro plastic pollution
Speech to National Press Club
Queensland LNP’s announcement a good start on road to protecting Reef wildlife from damaging fishing
Scientists discuss what makes big sustainability efforts stick
Amid economic slowdown from pandemic, strategic approach needed for Nepal’s resilient recovery
Water pollution incident costs Queanbeyan Council $50,000 after EPA action
Smithsonian: UC finds pollution in ancient Maya city
EPA fines Suez Spring Farm $15,000 for unsafe waste storage
Australia’s unique Bioreactor makes wastewater treatment easy in China
Farewell to a great protector of Reef
Fighting for clean water
New shellfish reef to be built at Glenelg
Statement from Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson 23 May
TSU biologists will test Russia’s largest river for microplastics
HV Operations to pay $400,000 after alleged water pollution from mine
Horticulture without water pollution viable
A friendlier way to deal with nitrate pollution
EPA fines spray operator at Moree
Think of environment before you flush
World Bank Provides $170 million for Better Sanitation in Dhaka
World Bank Provides $170 million for Better Sanitation in Dhaka
Wastewater A Resource That Can Pay Dividends for People, Environment, and Economies, Says World Bank
More taxpayers’ money for environment and public benefit
Big Island Mining fined $15,000 by EPA for creek pollution incident
NSW North Coast concrete plant fined $15,000 for water pollution incident
New £65 million package for 5G trials
Leak at chemical plant costs company $242,000 after EPA action
Development of ultrathin durable membrane for efficient oil and water separation
Eight in 10 farmers benefit from working with government pollution advice service
River pollution alert service extended
Coal Authority talks to young professionals on environmental work