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Surprising Connection Found Between Ancient Biology and Human Hair Growth Limitations
Insecticides Blamed for MidWest Butterfly Decline
Combined Immunotherapy Boosts Cancer Response, Studies Show
Supermassive Black Hole Exhibits Baby Star-Like Growth
Novel Catalyst Boosts Green Hydrogen Production from Water
Chimps Use Medicinal Plants for Self-Treatment
Hurricane Alters Monkey Society Game Rules
Decision Time Can Forecast Personal Preferences
Bombs Uncover: Plants Hold More Short-Term Carbon Than Assumed
LA Air Pollution Linked to Biogenic Sources, Temperature
Canada AG Appoints New Director of Public Prosecution Service
Giant Batteries Supply Renewable Energy On Demand
Los Alamos Lab Discovers Quantum Computing Potential in DARPA Program
Is Body Roundness Index Superior to BMI?
Dopamine Raises Hope for New Social Understanding Treatments
Today's Release: Updated Final Cut Pro for iPad, Mac
UN Chief: Surge in Cyber Mercenaries Weaponizing Digital Tools
Concordia's Gina Cody School Gets $1.58M for Oil-Spill Research
How Employers Can Help Support Refugees In Workplace
Loki's Horned Dinosaur Wielded Pair Of Giant Blades
CBSA Gun Seizure Lands New Brunswick Man in Prison
Top Navy Scientists, Engineers Honored for Excellence
Broadband Commission Evaluates AI's Impact on Digital Divide
Canada Unveils Speedy Plan for Quality Project Construction
US State Dept. Inaugurates New Consulate General in Guadalajara
CU Boulder Secures $20M to Helm Quantum Nanofab Facility
Bright New Abrasion
West Pharma's Fun Day Walk Raises $256K for Sickle Cell Research
Ohio State Leads Project To Transform Physics Education
Home Monitoring Program Launched for Hypertension Patients
Teledriving Touted as Bridge to Autonomous Taxis
Bioethicist: Embryo, Organoid Models Don't Threaten Personhood
NASA's Chandra Peers Into Densest And Weirdest Stars
New Obesity Treatment Guided by Genetic Cause Discovery
New Tiny Prehistoric Crocodile-Like Reptile Found in Brazil
Novel Test Discovers Deadly Rare Genetic Heart Disorder
Pre-Surgery Chemotherapy Aids Certain Pancreatic Cancer Patients
Hydropower Without Harm to Fish and Fishermen
UC Grad's Innovative Design Creates Van Life 2.0
Public Backs Traffic-Light Labels for High-Carbon Ads: Study
Brainard Discusses Lowering Costs for US Consumers
Iron Meteorites Suggest Infant Solar System Resembled Doughnut
Budapest Convention Reaches 75 Parties
CA Gov Seeks Input on National Potato Wart Plan Draft
Durham Spin-out Gets Nod for Motor Neurone Disease Trials
Future Prosperity at Risk Due to Falling Fertility Rates
UH Joins Houston Angel Network, Houston Exponential for Startup Investment Community
FMP's Novel Cancer Therapy Enters Clinical Phase