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Russian-Chinese research team has sequenced genome of Thalictrum
Volunteers needed to trial scar-less wound healing cream
Collaboration Shapes Extracellular Vesicle Retention Strategy
New evidence of how exercise can counter diabetes damage
Sialylation of epidermal growth factor receptor modulates cell mechanics and enhances invasion
Flexible printable electrical patches for accelerated wound healing
Regenerative Potential of Solid Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate
Special needs dentistry spotlight – special experience
Fresh take on cool plasma
Researchers discover novel way to inhibit key cancer driver, other mutated genes
Pancreatic cancer cells harness normal tissue turnover to build protective barriers
Global research team will seek to understand microchimerism
Getting under skin of an autoimmune disorder
U of U Health experiment prepared for launch to International Space Station
Antibacterial Lignin-based Foam Developed for Wound Healing
Antibodies Fight Cancer Too
Tribute to Early Women Pioneers in Cancer Research and Medicine
Burst of rapid cell motion in 3D tumor model
More awards for University’s skin and wound care research
New blood clot research indicates enhanced understanding of wound repair
Mussels’ underwater glue inspires synthetic cement
Gel That Regrows Brain
Body image affects risk of complications after breast reconstruction
Antibacterial bioactive glass doubles down on microbial resistance to antibiotics
To Slow Cancer, Close Cells’ Tunnels
P53 protein plays key role in tissue repair, study finds
P53 protein plays key role in tissue repair
Venomous Australian sea anemone may lead to life-saving drugs
Fat injections could treat common cause of foot pain
Reconstructable Uterus-derived Materials Help Uterine Factor Infertility
Nanotherapy offers new hope for treatment of Type 1 diabetes
Novel treatment target for heart disease in blood vessel wall
Jigsaw-shaped peptide solves tissue regeneration puzzle
Link between burn injuries and cardiovascular disease explored
Using only 100 atoms, electric fields can be detected and changed
Scientists Map Skin Cells That Contribute to Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Can we go from scarface to scarless?
First-responder cells after heart attack prompt inflammation overdrive
Truly revealing when material becomes ‘glassy’
Detergent, Skin Bioprinter Launch on NASA’s SpaceX Resupply Mission
UCLA gene therapy gives new life to girl born with fatal immune disorder
National study to improve burns treatment for children
Recce Pharmaceuticals update on clinical trial of burn wound infections
Novel protein therapy for efficient skin wound healing
Printing technique creates effective skin equivalent, heals wounds
Effectiveness of ointment that kills drug-resistant bacteria shown
3D printing of blood plasma may speed up wound healing
Stem cell memories may drive wound repair-and chronic disease