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Unique Schwann Cells: Eyes Have It
Forrest Research Foundation supports new discoveries
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Australian scientists win global NASA competition with revolutionary wound healing technology
Octopus-inspired sucker transfers thin, delicate tissue grafts and biosensors
Researchers make counterintuitive discoveries about immune-like characteristics of cells
Researchers make counterintuitive discoveries about immune-like characteristics of cells
Pitt Innovation Awards $485,000 for Health Care Solutions
Time heals all wounds
“Stretching Rack” for Cells
New treatments for deadly lung disease could be revealed by 3D modeling
Rare immune cells drive gut repair, but can tip toward cancer or fibrosis in inflammatory bowel disease
Reducing chronic intestinal inflammation
Three research teams earn Dunn Awards
Wearable, portable invention offers options for treating antibiotic-resistant infections, wounds
First in Human Study with Novel Antisense Oligonucleotide
New light shed on cell migration
Building new local industries one bioprinter at a time
‘Good’ virus for common infection
Closing gap in tissue engineering
New insights into wound healing
Adults with obesity more likely to develop H1N1 influenza
How body regulates scar tissue growth after heart attacks
Tudorita Tumbar receives Humboldt Research Award
Biofilm early detection findings will advance chronic wound care
FAMU and FSU researchers land $500K NSF grant for bio-adhesive study
Research into 3D printing of skin awarded medical funding
Nuclear Softening Allows Cells to Move Into Dense Tissue, Encouraging Injury Repair
Signaling breast cancer metastasis
From fly to flower
A better model for neutrophil-related diseases
ETH researchers deconstruct tissue repair
Researchers connect matrix fiber structure and cell behavior
Federal grant bolsters Rice eye research
Is your pet a player?
UC Davis, Santa Cruz collaborate to speed wound healing with a novel smart bandage
UConn Biomedical Engineer Creates “Smart” Bandages to Heal Chronic Wounds
Protein AKAP8 suppresses breast cancer metastasis
Wound healing in mucous tissues could ward off AIDS