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Minimally Invasive Procedure Saves Severe Vascular Disease Patients from Amputation: Study
Robust Thermosensitive Bioadhesives Improve Surgical Sealing
Invasive Weed Shows Anti-Aging Potential, Say Scientists
New Biosensor Measures Sweat Vapors on Body
New Study Identifies Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Subtypes Based on Wound Fibroblasts and Matrix Patterns
Combination Therapy Treats Vancomycin-Resistant Bacterial Infections
Hope for Bone Regeneration Restored with Wishbone Charm
Protein Linked to Fibrosis Death Spiral Found
How tumours transform blood vessels
Bypassing antibiotic resistance with combination of drugs
Fibroblasts Found to Aid Wound Healing and Clearing
SMART researchers create new therapy for vancomycin-resistant infections
Superhydrophobic Sensor Detects Sweat Vapors on Body
Electronic Bandage Speeds Healing by 30%
Troubling discovery
UConn Startup Revolutionizes CBD Industry with Novel Polymer Platform
Yale Trials New Treatment for Child Skin Diseases
Peptide 3D-printing inks could advance regenerative medicine
Snail Mucus Yields Natural Adhesive for Wound Healing
Whiteley to Head $5.6m Wound Research Grant
Scientists discover key ‘culprits’ in major lung cancer study
Medicines to Boost Scar Healing by Modifying Circadian Clock
Researchers demonstrate non-invasive method for assessing burn injuries
New spray fights infections and antibiotic resistance
Spray Fights Infections, Antibiotic Resistance: Study
Split-second of evolutionary cellular change could have led to mammals
Laser Treatments May Help Stop Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
Negative marital communications leave literal, figurative wounds
Marital Conflict Leaves Lasting Scars
Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Set to Be Defeated
Treating Scars at Home: Possible Solution
Algae May Boost Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing
Urban Lizards Share Genomic Markers Not Found in Forest-Dwellers
Imperial College London Study Mends Scars with Hair Transplants
Expanding radiation research at Queen Mary University of London
New customizable, strontium-filled scaffold may improve healing of dental implants
‘Pull Plug’ on Electrical Charge on Inner Side of Its Membrane, Say Scientists
How does a cell move? “pull plug” on electrical charge on inside of its membrane
New material discovered that helps diabetic wounds heal quickly
Wireless smart bandage provides new insights into healing chronic wounds
Electric car charging around Australia makes special pit stop at UOW
Small protein molecule microchannel-containing nanofiber aerogels enable accelerated diabetic wound healing
Deep learning enables cell image analysis
Protein behind immunotherapy resistance
Shorter course of radiation therapy yields comparable results for patients with non-metastatic soft tissue sarcoma
Scientists studying new way to heal diabetic wounds by activating “hidden” mechanism in body
Researchers study alcohol’s impact on immune system, lungs
Rockets in Sweden for cancer research