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UN chief calls for action to put out ‘5-alarm global fire’
Why is Greenpeace talking about taxing super rich?
COVID means labour market recovery still ‘slow and uncertain’
Tackling environmental pollution with interdisciplinary research
Thousands head home voluntarily from Zambia to DR Congo
Thousands of DR Congo refugees in Zambia opt to head home
Understanding cobalt’s human cost
11 countries removed from UK’s red list
International travel update, 14 December 2021
Digital payment solution allows refugees in Zambia to receive cash directly into their bank accounts or mobile wallets of choice
Denmark commits millions to vulnerable farmers through IFAD’s climate adaptation fund
CEFC congratulates Neoen as Victorian Big Battery starts up
UN’s truth-teller on racism, xenophobia and intolerance sees signs of hope, amid COVID quagmire and rising hate speech
Creating Blueprint for National Cancer Programmes: Race Supported by IAEA
Updated: IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on an Extended Credit Facility Arrangement with Zambia
IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on an Extended Credit Facility Arrangement with Zambia
Queen Mary academics secure major funding from National Institute for Health Research
15 years fighting AIDS with: Apple helps raise nearly $270 million
Too many people with HIV fail to achieve durable viral suppression
Measures against Omicron variant come into effect 30 November 2021
Oral statement to update on Omicron variant
Male circumcisions disrupted by Covid, fall short of 2020 target
Prime Minister sets out new measures as Omicron variant identified in UK 27 November 2021
First UK cases of Omicron variant identified
Success of ‘Life-Saving Lullabies’ project
Prosperity – Strengthening response capacities to crises of policymakers in SSA
African and UK institutions team up to train next generation of global health leaders
Foreign Secretary launches campaign to tackle sexual violence in conflict around world
First-Nation’s fire knowledge is reducing severity of Africa’s wildfires and cutting emissions
First-Nation’s fire knowledge is reducing severity of Africa’s wildfires and cut emissions
Sweden steps up to help at-risk small-scale farmers adapt to climate change, pledging millions to IFAD’s climate fund
Proclamation on World Freedom Day, 2021
Economic Partnership Agreement
Norway Ministry of Education and Research increases its support for education programme
Green Growth Compact agreement between UK and Zambia
Harnessing Thor’s Hammer: How forensic science is unlocking mysteries of fatal lightning strikes
New World Bank Country Manager for Zimbabwe, Marjorie Mpundu, Commences Assignment
Food loss projects target urban communities in Malawi and Zambia
IFAD report predicts steep drop in African staple crops by 2050, prompting urgent call for adaptation funding
Fossil dental exams reveal how tusks first evolved and why they are unique only to mammals
More than 60,000 Burundian refugees voluntarily return home this year
Zambia Independence Day
Curbing spread of waterborne diseases through new water monitoring method
UK Emergency Medical Team provides Covid support and training to health workers in Malawi
Right to clean and healthy environment: 6 things you need to know
Covid leads to African agricultural innovation
Malaria Vaccine-the First Ever to Immunize against Parasitic Infection-Gets Green Light from WHO
Poverty index reveals stark inequalities among ethnic groups