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An animal able to regenerate all of its organs even when it is dissected into three parts
‘Pokemonas’: Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon
Marine biodiversity: Enormous variety of animal life in deep sea revealed
Researchers solve puzzle of origin and formation of specialized body plan in flatfishes
Tuatara eggs hatch for Easter at Orokonui Ecosanctuary
Charity regulator opens statutory inquiry into Aspinall Foundation
Charity regulator launches statutory inquiry into Howletts Wild Animal Trust
Accolades abound for ecologist studying effect of climate change on Pacific fish
Robot “Hears” through Ear of a Locus
All colours of dingo: not just a yellow dog
Spitting cobra leads to Science publication
New starfish-like fossil reveals evolution in action
Male butterflies mark their mates with a repulsive smell during sex to ‘turn off’ other suitors
Penned release of green geckos has potential to help preserve threatened native species
Green glowing gecko under UV-light
An Underwater Journey Following Vanishing of Sponge Species from Shallow Water of Israeli Coas
Connect to nature with ’12 Days of Winter Wildlife’
Upgrades Delivered For Lilydale And Upper Yarra Schools
Unravelling secrets of spider limb regeneration to inspire new gen soft-robotics
Why Do Bats Fly Into Walls?
Female mongooses start violent fights to mate with unrelated males
Animals communicate in frequencies that we cannot hear
Scientists discover unique signature of a lion’s roar using machine learning
Cheating birds mimic host nestlings to deceive foster parents
Oil palm replanting may decrease arthropod biodiversity
Genome of Alexander Fleming’s original penicillin-producing mould sequenced
Penguin poo helps solve puzzles
USC study finds skinks are protective parents
Individual dolphin calls used to estimate population size and movement
Effectiveness of primate conservation measures mostly unproved
Understand what works when trying to protect monkeys and apes, say scientists
Adding a metre between meals boosts vegetarian appeal – study
A novel strategy for using compounds as ‘anti-evolution’ drugs to combat antibiotic resistance
Scientists discover key to restricting antibiotic resistant bacteria
Zoologists call for beach closures to reduce impact on wildlife
Fertility decline in ageing fruit flies is about ‘more than just sperm’
Male fruit flies’ decline in fertility with age is not only driven by changes in sperm
Bacteria perform mass suicide to defend their colony
BBC Contagion experiment offers insights into Covid-19 control
Eavesdropping crickets drop from sky to evade capture from bats
Time to kill scientific zombie that is ‘Nature v Nurture’ debate
How and when to end COVID-19 lockdown: an optimisation approach
Researchers use virus genomic tracking to reveal rise and fall of COVID-19 epidemic in Guangdong Province
Study identifies 275 ways to reduce spread of coronavirus following lockdown
Aino Juslén elected as vice-chair of DiSSCo General Assembly
Researchers discover unique non-oxygen breathing animal
Study reveals links between bee brains and human brains
A Simpler Way to Choose Sex of Offspring by Separating X and Y Sperm