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Native animals tangled in invasive songs
Researchers Find New Species of Nemacheilidae Fish in Putao, Northern Myanmar
Intensive farming may actually reduce risk of pandemics, experts argue
Amphioxus Sequencing Gives Insight on Vertebrate Evolution
Hoiho research on Stewart Island identifies critical marine habitats
From Bentham to Hollywood: UCL launches free walking tour
Increase in Chromatin Entropy Drives Cellular Aging, Say Researchers
First cave-bound mollusk species from Americas
How did ancient moa survive ice age – and what can they teach us about modern climate change?
Undergraduate biologists awarded 2022 Quatrano, Spector prizes
DNA provides unique look at moa and climate change
Wallace wins 2022 Spector Prize
Kirstin’s stillbirth story
Top End anglers get behind tracking world’s fastest fish
Researchers Find Enhanced Fatty Acid Oxidation as Key Metabolic Signature in Centenarians
Apolipoprotein E Destabilizes Heterochromatin and Drives Senescence
Good parenting evolved multiple times in moss animals
New non‑destructive DNA method opens opportunities
Fish can calculate
Researchers Reveal Novel Role of Argonaute Proteins in Regulating Protein Quality Control
Lack of transparency over cost of conservation projects hampers ability to prioritize funds for nature protection
Researchers discover unexpected structural features in knobby starfish skeletons
Voles cut grass to watch flying predators
Big duck discovery
Yes, indeed, it is hard to swat mosquito
Txikispora philomaios, parasite that will help to explain origin of animal multicellularity
Reed warblers migrating from Africa use Earth’s magnetic field to find their nests
Here’s why whales don’t drown when they gulp down food underwater
Researchers discover unexpected deep diving in albatross
Hybrid fish raised in nature have fewer ‘mismatched’ genes than those in lab
Astronomers Observe New Type of Binary Star Long Predicted to Exist
New evidence reveals moa occurred naturally on Rakiura
Key concepts, mathematical models, and statistical techniques for testing rationality
Mosaic brain evolution in guppies helps to explain vertebrate cognitive evolution
Tree-dwelling mammals survived after asteroid strike destroyed forests
Seahorses – Slow, but Fierce
New research links tree health to how birds respond to climate change
Some animal species can survive successfully without sexual reproduction
‘Vegetarian’ giant tortoise filmed attacking and eating seabird
Hundreds of Cape Fur seals entangled in fishing lines and nets every year
Opening climate change forecasting toolbox
PirB functions as an intrinsic suppressor in hippocampal neural stem cells
Research establishes possum density in NZ’s urban environments
Where Have All Birds Gone?
Researchers Discover Gustatory Receptor Tuned to Sinigrin in Cabbage Butterfly
Study outlines trail-blazing developments in conservation management
Researchers name new frog-legged beetle fossil for Sir David Attenborough
False spring: Climate change may erode frogs’ ability to withstand salt pollution