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‘Coalition of willing’ to ensure healthy diets from sustainable food systems
Why is Convention on Biological Diversity COP15 so important?
Nuclear Techniques Help Zambia Ensure Safety in Animal Food Products
Eating bushmeat could reduce childhood anaemia in Amazon forest communities
Eating bushmeat could reduce childhood anemia in Amazon forest communities
Strain of Foot and Mouth Disease in Tunisia Identified in Record Time with IAEA/FAO Support
WHO releases clinical management guidelines for influenza
One Health is critical to addressing zoonotic public health threats and environmental issues
Framework for Safety and Security of Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plants must be Agreed
ZODIAC Helps Lab Prepare for Early Detection of Future Pandemics
Beware flood waters carrying animal diseases
Japanese encephalitis: further detections on Victorian farms
World Wildlife Day 4 March
Director General visits IAEA laboratories, says innovation is key to solving global hunger and climate change
Institute of Human Virology’s Infectious Disease experts perform pathogen surveillance for unprecedented pig-to-human heart
Environment Secretary sets out animal health and welfare support for livestock farmers
£200 million investment to fight zoonotic diseases
WWF Statement on America COMPETES Act
Harvard Chan research reveals actions to prevent pandemics cost 5% of lives lost every year from emerging infectious diseases
Preventing rabies in our region
From bats to bears, program protects NYS wildlife from disease
Biotechnology could provide an environmentally more sustainable alternative to egg white protein production
Australia leads global efforts to prevent future pandemics
Tackling environmental pollution with interdisciplinary research
FAO welcomes $10 million USA contribution to its Covid response efforts
Supporting Multilateral Responses to Covid Crisis
Affordable genome sequencing for pathogen analysis to help tackle global epidemics
NSW new don’t risk Salmonella Summer, be cautious this Christmas
IAEA Chief in UAE: Nuclear Energy Key to Country’s Climate Action
Legacy of COP26: local action from global crisis
U.S. Imposes Visa Restrictions on Wildlife Traffickers in Democratic Republic of Congo
Pandemics, market incentives and politics create varying regional demand for domestic and foreign vaccine companies
Tourist selfies risk passing deadly viruses onto Critically Endangered orangutans
First-time Donors, Developing Countries Provide Funding to Renovate IAEA Nuclear Applications Labs
Wrangling an octopus-like viral replication machine
IAEA and Senegal to Strengthen Cooperation in Cancer Care and Pandemic Response
Holistic approach to preserving our health – and our planet’s
Using drones to protect Great Apes in Africa
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found by River Cam
Griffith partners with new HEAL research network
Nuclear Science Helps to Adapt to Climate Change, COP26 Participants Hear
Drive Evolution: Students and Aspiring Professionals Essay Competition on Nuclear Law Extended
UWA innovative research projects awarded national funding
Sydney takes top honours in 2021 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science
COP26 – Greenpeace condemns green light for another decade of forest destruction
What causes disease outbreaks?
Fact Sheet: New Initiatives to Expand U.S.-ASEAN Strategic Partnership
India launches new national action plan for dog mediated rabies elimination by 2030