Teen caught with magic mushrooms, SA

An Adelaide Hills teenager has been caught by police in possession of what are believed to be magic mushrooms, according to SA Police.

The 15-year-old Mount Barker boy was spoken to by police just after 9am on Sunday 22 May. Two other youths ran off.

The teen was issued with a drug diversion for this matter.

The public should be aware that magic mushrooms are classified as a controlled plant and as such it is an offence to possess, consume, harvest or sell magic mushrooms.

It is also illegal to possess or supply instructions relating to the cultivation or harvesting of magic mushrooms, including electronic instructions.

Inspector Glen Sickerdick, Hills Fleurieu Police, issued the following warning in relation to the fungi.

“Not only is it against the law to harvest magic mushrooms but people should be aware that an incorrectly identified mushroom could be toxic.”

SA Health issued a public warning about deadly mushrooms in South Australia on 26 April: