TNQ Locals’ New Guide Helps Travellers Explore Like Locals

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When you spend 20-years living in and travelling a region, you get to know it pretty well. For Tropical North Queensland locals, Catherine Lawson and David Bristow, that’s prompted them to create a guide to their best bits of the far north, showing travellers where locals like to go. Called 100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland, it’s the only travel guide book entirely dedicated to TNQ.

100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland showcases 100 of the best things to see from the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns and the Daintree, the Cassowary Coast, Atherton Tablelands, Cape York and The Gulf Country (plus a few more the authors snuck in). It’s a guide about what to do and where to go, rather than where to sleep or who serves the hippest cocktails.

Building on the depth of knowledge Lawson and Bristow have gleaned over two decades of travelling their stunning backyard, the authors have personally visited each place in the book. Using stunning imagery, most of which was taken by Bristow, and carefully researched information interspersed with personal experience, 100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland shows travellers everything they need to know about an attraction so they can explore it for themselves and feel like they’ve been visiting all their life.

100 Things To See In The Kimberley is the ideal guide for anyone planning on visiting TNQ, or who just wants to see more of their backyard and move off the tourist trail to really get to know the region. It’s filled with locations you can drive to, walk to, paddle to, or even sail to, as well as a few you really need to work hard to visit. But more than just a hiking or camping or driving guide, it’s focussed on accessible, family-friendly locations that typify the spectacle of far north Queensland.

A5 in size and 196 pages long, it’s stuffed full of local secrets, but fits in a glove box or a backpack, rather than just on a coffee table. Lawson says, “I hope people find the little patches of gold in 100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland, and then go and discover and expand their idea of what it’s like to travel in TNQ.”

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