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How do phytohormones regulate nitrate transport in apple?
Research reveals plants struggle to keep pace with climate change in human-dominated landscapes
Journey of immune cells in developing zebrafish revealed
Powerful new tool makes coral reef monitoring faster, easier, cheaper
Feast or forage? Study finds circuit that helps brain decide
Association between cataract removal, development of dementia
Differences among parents to vaccinate children against Covid
Printing technique creates effective skin equivalent, heals wounds
Medicare spending on drugs with accelerated approval
Characteristics of patients diagnosed with TB, Covid
Toys prove to be better investment than gold, art, and financial securities
Novel Two-step Mechanism Revealed in Two-dimensional Material Formation
Making right decisions for children growing up in long-term foster-care
Macquarie Regional library’s Summer reading club
Host and resident bacteria join forces to control fungi in plant roots
Recreational Cannabis legalization increases employment in counties with dispensaries
New genetic variant discovered in Old Order Amish provides increased cardioprotection
Microfabricated thin-film electrodes show therapeutic promise
Call for central portal for clinical study reports
Risk of developing eye disorders among children with diabetes
Which mask is easier on ears?
Pair of gold flakes creates self-assembled resonator
Exoplanet Bonanza
Cost of telehealth for patients may be key key to maintaining pandemic boost in use
Patient preferences for telehealth post-Covid
Beta-blockers reduce heart proteoglycan content potentially providing newly discovered health benefits
Why cannabis smells skunky
English Learners Face Severe Inequities and Substandard Conditions in New Jersey Schools
Lifestyle interventions may not be enough to replace blood pressure medications
Prunes have promising effect on men’s bone health, adding to growing body of research
Research finds link between sewing masks and well-being at start of pandemic
Study links Characteristics to frequency of marijuana use among US adults
Change in receiving help at home after hospital discharge among older adults
Ancient lineage of algae found to include five “cryptic” species
Male animals are subject to stronger evolutionary pressures than females
Uncover and discover reading this summer
Which glioblastoma patients will respond to immunotherapy?
Memristive Spintronic Neurons: Combining Two Cognitive Computing Nano-elements into One
Nearly half of California caregivers experienced financial stress during 2020
Sparking new insights into dye chemistry
Thermoelectric crystal conductivity reaches new high
PKU Cancer Hospital publishes real-world evidence on Minimally Invasive and Open Esophagectomy
Researchers light way for organic glow-in-the-dark materials
PKU School of Stomatology reports new phenotype of LRP6 mutation
Researchers publish new definition of quantum nanoscience
Michele Polacsek publishes article on parents’ perceptions of privacy for school-issued devices
First dicamba-resistant waterhemp reported in Illinois
Mobile molecular robots swim in water