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That song is stuck in your head, but it’s helping you to remember
Investigating carbonate mineral chemical variations to improve oil recovery
Computers Predict People’s Tastes in Art
Scientists explain crucial role of motor proteins in cell division
NIST has developed Open Security Controls Assessment Language, OSCAL 1.0.0
NIST has developed Open Security Controls Assessment Language
NT History Grants and Awards Register of Peers
Aquaponics treatment system inspired by sewage plants grows tastier crops and keeps fish healthy
Pay inequity among peers affects turnover
New open-source easy-to-use resource for analysis of high-dimensional cytometry data launches
Physics of Sustainability
Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs superior to codeine for managing outpatient postoperative pain
BES response to IPBES/IPCC report on biodiversity and climate change
Shedding New Light: A New Type of Immunosensor for Immunoassay Tests
Novel Magnet Design with Magic Mirror-like Properties
New method makes generic polymers luminescent
Nicotinamide can “immunize” plants to protect from fungal disease
Machine learning aids in materials design
NIH leaders detail commitment to end structural racism in biomedical science
Analysis of child deaths in England shows importance of care for premature and young babies
India’s national government has inappropriately prioritised people for covid-19 vaccination
Numbers of GPs wanting to leave already high before COVID, finds survey
Liquid water on exomoons of free-floating planets
Ceramics provide insights into medieval Islamic cuisine
GEM simplifies internal structure of protons and their collisions
Training robots to manipulate soft and deformable objects
Persistent insomnia symptoms since childhood associated with mood, anxiety disorders
Study of hyperhomocysteinemia in rats elucidates tracks to treating migraine
A new approach will help save X-ray studies from failing results
WIPO for Creators Welcomes First Partners
Mixing solutions in world’s smallest test tubes
Bipolar Order: A Straightforward Technique to Have More Control Over Organic Thin Films
Kiama Readers Festival 2021
Absorbent aerogels show some muscle
Structure of enzyme that causes Parkinson’s promises pathways to new drugs
Plants start their day faster than first thought, scientists find
Scientists use public databases to leap over scourge of publication bias
Correcting misperceptions about, and increasing empathy for, migrants
Why arctic soil can go slip-sliding away
A simple model of development reveals shapes of cell lineages and links to regeneration
Soft tissue measurements critical to hominid reconstruction
Study finds lower mortality rate for men at high risk for death from prostate cancer who received early postoperative radiation
Substantial carbon dioxide emissions from northern peatlands drained for crop cultivation
How do bad kidneys lead to heart disease? Broken cellular clocks provide new clues
MLB ‘FEVER’ — improved elbow MRI view for Major League Baseball pitchers
Genomics-informed decisions can help save species from extinction
Immunotherapy drug delays recurrence in kidney cancer patients
Irish institutions to benefit from IOP Publishing transformative agreement