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Fully recyclable hanger could save 54 tonnes of plastic for every million used, research shows
Activism and growth of small independent publishers leading to “profound change” for translated
Motion: Indian Citizenship Act
Mosman Youth Awards in Literature
Psychologist uses computer-simulated patients to untangle sociological influences
Nation’s Leading Historians to Headline OU ‘Teach-In on American Immigration in Global
Research suggests adults, not just teens, like electronic cigarette flavors
Hearing aids may delay cognitive decline, research finds
Mathematician identifies new tricks for old arch in our foot
Tree rings predict future
Citizen science and paddle surf to study pollution due microplastics in coasts of Barcelona
Indigenous Songs Are Storehouses Of Ecological Knowledge
When bonding noble metals to 2D materials, interfaces matter
Observations of melting metal at picosecond scale
Patients Rank Doctors Lower if they Experience Long Delays in Waiting Rooms
Addicted offenders face harsher sentencing
IOP Publishing and Austrian Academic Library Consortium renew three-year OA agreement
HPV vaccination found to prevent more cases and deaths than previous estimates
This is how a channel is formed between two organelles
Cyber incident cost estimates and importance of building resilience
Medical school mistreatment tied to race, gender, and sexual orientation
Five clearly defined patterns
Scientist is a co-author of largest study of ancient human DNA
TNQ Locals’ New Guide Helps Travellers Explore Like Locals
Trouble with round numbers
Paternal Marijuana Will Impact Brain Development of Offspring
It’s a crime, but for meth cooks it’s also a job
New results on function of tumor suppressor HERC protein
Clinical trial into improving stroke pain and mobility a ‘game-changer’
Skin moisturizers failed to prevent atopic eczema in babies
Antidote to pain and negativity? Let it be
Communicating science can benefit from scientists’ ‘being human’
Global conservation priorities identified in new research
Diversifying traditional forest management depending on steam distance would help protecting forest arthropods
Hospitals with Internationally Trained Nurses Have More Stable, Educated Nursing Workforces
A more resilient Houston starts in neighborhoods, Kinder Institute report says
Lake Conjola Entrance Management Funding Submission
Novel targeted drug shows promise in advanced kidney cancer
Researchers were not right about left brains
Berkeley Lab Helps Reveal How Dinosaur Blood Vessels Can Preserve Through Ages
Significant gaps identified in Merseyside support for children with special educational needs and disabilities
Hot cocoa aids walking in peripheral artery disease
Okanagan icon John Lent is UBCO’s writer-in-residence
IOP Publishing and Publons partner to tackle challenges in peer review
Robyn Cadwallader’s Book of Colours named 2019 ACT Book of Year
Blood-Based Multiplexed Diagnostic Sensor Helps to Accurately Detect Alzheimer’s Disease
Palliative Medicine Reports Launching Spring 2020
La Trobe celebrates Australia Day Awards