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Biocompatible binary hologram with drug-elution capabilities
Lost or extinct? Study reveals existence of more than 500 animal species remains uncertain
Forecasting effects of roads and railways on endangered tigers
Executive narcissism inhibits inter-unit knowledge transfer
50-year project reveals new insights about evolution and influence of Voltaire’s thought
Making sure workers have ‘good’ day gives companies competitive advantage
Broadening scope of epoxide ring opening reactions with zirconocene
Do Compression Garments Facilitate Muscle Recovery After Exercise?
Maintaining normal serum potassium levels in peritoneal dialysiscould help lower risk of peritonitis
Women use various tactics to accomplish boardroom goals
Korea Maritime and Ocean University scholars find key to reducing defects in multimaterials
Are microplastics pervasive in Nigerian drinking water?
Can introducing central bank digital currency improve social welfare?
Researchers gain read-and-publish access to American Chemical Society journals in UC agreement
Time-restricted eating may lower CVD risk for older breast cancer survivors
First animals developed complex ecosystems before Cambrian explosion
New Recommendations on Mastitis Spectrum from Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
How three mutations work together to spur new SARS-CoV-2 variants
Marking World Hypertension Day and emerging data on renal denervation
Magnetic resonance makes invisible visible
Chimpanzees combine calls to form numerous vocal sequences
Research offers clues to understanding infection mechanisms of lethal fungus affecting more than 100 crops
Wiley and Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico Sign Open Access Agreement
Lower threshold for high blood pressure impacts prevention and health care globally
Risk of breast cancer in males may be linked to male infertility
ILR outlines global severance pay program
Boost in nerve-growth protein helps explain why running supports brain health
Hospices vary widely in prescribing “comfort kit” medications
Shedding new light on mechanism of individual cell memory, using yeast as model
Researching pseudogap in superconducting cuprate materials
Circuit model may explain how deep brain stimulation treats Parkinson’s disease symptoms
How hybrid plant varieties could address challenges of food security and climate change
Striking new snake species discovered in Paraguay
How common is readmission after hospitalization for Covid?
Nearly 700,000 US hospitalizations and 110,000 deaths prevented from Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine
Live and Local, Sydney Writers Festival comes to Taree
Benefits of PSA prostate cancer screening found to be more favorable than previous estimates, especially for blacks
Hospices vary widely in prescribing of “comfort kit” medications
In franchising, playing tough early may support long-term benefits
Research warns to beware of your alliance partners’ acquisitions
Study links Antibiotic use to inflammatory bowel disease in older adults
Effect of expanded abbreviations on patient comprehension of their health records
Association between distance to abortion facility, outcome when seeking abortion online
Covid and hospital financial viability
Structure of key protein for cell division puzzles researchers
Single hormone directs body’s responses to low-protein diet
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation
Chimps, dreams, and videotape