Unicheck Plagiarism Prevention Service Just Moved to Amazon’s Cloud Hosting

Unicheck, a reliable plagiarism prevention service designed to help the academic community streamline their daily routine and advance students’ success, has recently moved to the most robust and secure cloud hosting platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This new cloud hosting architecture will largely increase user data protection, making Unicheck a safer and more reliable plagiarism prevention service for K-12 and HigherEd.

“Amazon adheres to over 85 security standards including GDPR and let us host Unicheck on the datacenters located in the same geographic region where our customers reside. This guarantees that user data shared is processed and secured in accordance with the law regardless of the institution’s location,” said Serhii Tkachenko, Unicheck’s CEO.

Amazon has 66 Availability Zones in 21 regions across the globe. Therefore, if a college is located in the US, Australia, or many other countries, Unicheck will also be hosted at a closer distance to customers and ensure better protection of user data.

Additionally, the AWS infrastructure enables Unicheck to auto-scale during peak season to let faculty and students check larger quantities of academic papers without delays and run bulk submission checks if required.

Thanks to Amazon cloud, Unicheck will be increasing its uptime from 99.9% (the highest uptime in the industry) to 99.95%. Therefore, the plagiarism prevention service will always be at hand.

“The Unicheck Team is highly committed to satisfying the needs of our partners and customers. Thanks to Amazon, we can now devote more time to the development of new helpful features instead of going all out to revamp the existing infrastructure and enhance the plagiarism checker’s security, reliability and scalability,” pointed out Serhii.

Unicheck plans to roll out new enhancements to prevent academic cheating, streamline integrations with Learning Management Systems, and more. Unicheck Team has already announced a few more integration updates as well as its online report renewal.


Unicheck is a community-driven company that creates smart and easy-to-manage solutions for plagiarism prevention, authorship attribution, source code detection, etc. Now that it’s being hosted on Amazon cloud, Unicheck has become more reliable, scalable, and secure. The solutions Unicheck Team provides are designed to complement LMS functionality without interrupting native workflows. Find out everything about Unicheck’s capacities and schedule a demo https://unicheck.com/contact-us.

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