Watch out for dodgy text messages, police warn, South Australia

SA Police are aware of a recent spate of dodgy text messages, and are urging the community not to click on links in unsolicited phone messages from unknown numbers.

Unfortunately scammers will use a range of methods in order to make contact with people, and this can include sending unsolicited text messages.

One recent example involves messages which claim lost luggage belonging to the recipient has been recovered and provides a link for them to click on.

Police urge the community not to click on links provided in unsolicited emails or text messages – no matter which organisation or agency it claims to be from – as they can contain malware.

If you get an unsolicited text from a bank, or an unexpected email from an agency you don’t deal with, or even a letter about an inheritance from a previously unknown relative then it is important to be wary.

Generally scammers will be seeking to obtain your money, or personal details or infect your online world with a virus so remember if it looks too good to be true, it usually is!

To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a scam, please consider the following crime prevention tips:

* Always know who you are communicating with and where your information is going. If you are uncertain, confirm the contact is legitimate through methods other than what they have provided.

* Never give your personal details, passwords, credit card or online account details to a person you cannot identify in an official capacity.

* Legitimate companies, particularly financial institutions will not send emails requesting you to log on to a link – log on independently if you need to access that site.

* Ignore emails and text messages which advise you have won a competition that you did not enter.

* Do not send money to receive lottery winnings or to claim a prize.

* Never give an unsolicited person remote access to your computer. You may compromise the security of your device and your personal information.

* Ensure your computer is protected with regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Please share this information – and discuss the prevalence of these type of scams with people in your circle who may be less savvy about this type of technology.

To report a scam or for further information visit

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