Water device trial in Attunga

280x280 tap no drip

In an effort to reduce the hardness of Attunga’s water, Tamworth Regional Councillors tonight agreed to undertake a trial of a device to find out if residents notice an improvement.

The trial will cost $32,000 and all property owners, residents and business owners will be asked to complete a survey/questionnaire about the water quality before and after installation of the devices.

Water supplied to Attunga is sourced from two groundwater bores. The bores supply a 0.775 Megalitre reservoir which then flows to the village’s reticulated water system supplying 155 connections.

The trial will involve fitting five, 50 mm diameter MEA (Magnetised, Energised and Activated) devices in parallel to treat all the water supplied from the bores.

The idea for the trial follows one of the devices being fitted at one residence in Attunga. After six months the residents reported some improvements including no clogging of their showerhead and no calcium build up.

The trial will be funded from the Water Reserve with the devices expected to be fitted in the near future.