Well and Good Launches Plant-Based Cream and Custard Mixes into Australian Retail Market

Well and Good

Well and Good, a well-established manufacturer of gluten free flour and cake mixes, announced it has launched a plant-based whipping cream and instant vanilla custard mix. Suitable for home use, these ambient mixes can be used to make a wide range of desserts that are free from gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, and soy. Both products can be made in minutes and no specialised skills or equipment are required.

Managing Director, Sam Barak, says, “We are thrilled to bring to market an exciting dessert-focused range. Our cream is the first of its kind, offering impressive flavour without any coconut taste and an overrun that maintains its shape for up to a week at room temperature or one month chilled. It is perfect as a dessert topping, sandwiched between layers of cake, piped into cannoli or combined with melted chocolate to make mousse!”

Both mixes offer exceptional value for money and because they sit in the pantry until needed, there is no waste.

Marketing Manager, Nate Teague, stated, “We think people will appreciate that this festive season, they can use our products to make sponge cake, cream, and custard for an allergy-free trifle. For some dessert lovers, this may be the first time they get to experience this classic Aussie dessert”.

Key points:

· The Well and Good Whipping Cream is freeze-thaw stable and will hold its shape for up to one week at room temperature or one month chilled, making it ideal for decorating cakes.

· The Well and Good Vanilla Custard is an instant product that requires no heating. It can be made as pouring custard or thick enough for use in a vanilla slice.

· Both products are free from all major allergens and are vegan friendly. They can be stored at room temperature with a shelf-life of 18 months.

About Well and Good

Well and Good is an Australian-owned and operated company that has built a solid reputation for producing gluten-free baking mixes, convenience meals and baked bread. Based in Melbourne, the factory was purpose-built and is an allergen-free facility. Gluten, nuts, egg, and dairy are not permitted in the factory.

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