What does Labor stand for?

Michael Ferguson,Minister for Health

Rebecca White had every chance in Parliament last week to be clear about what Labor’s health policy was, and she absolutely failed the test.

In a brief and embarrassingly light on detail State of the State reply, Ms White refused to confirm which of their failed policies Labor was still committed to. She even went as far as confirming it would be another year before Labor would have a policy platform and confirm what they actually stand for.

If Ms White wants to talk health policy, then she needs to front up and answer some key questions:

  • Does Labor stand by their $15 million medihotels disaster, which would have seen sick patients put into hotel beds?
  • Will Labor walk away from their wasteful $20 million health bureaucracy, the “Healthy Communities Commission”?
  • Does Labor now admit that their LGH co-location thought bubble would have put the 4K redevelopment in jeopardy?
  • Will Labor finally back down on their opposition to minimum mandatory sentences for people who assault frontline workers?
  • Can Labor commit to actually putting up an Alternative Budget this year, given their failure to do so last year?

Tasmanians deserve to know what Labor stand for when it comes to health.

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