Which party offers the most hope in the 2019 Federal Elections?

At last! After all the self-serving rhetoric, serial bad behaviours and broken promises, come four less than insightful analyses that cut through all the monotonous, endless and confusing political propaganda and explain in inexact detail which party is the only choice to protect Australia’s future!

· Do you think unaffordable renewable energy, reducing the earth’s temperature by 0.0001oC in 1,000 years in the future and open borders with no controls are a good thing? Then the Greens are the party for you!

· Do you think that everybody should drive an electric car, base power is a passing fad and more should be done to get as much money as possible into union coffers? Then it’s Labor all the way for you!

Do you think lacking the goolies to promote conservative values and bitter, ex-party leaders having public hissy fits are a good thing? Then you can’t go wrong with the Liberals!

· Do you think that people just don’t have enough easy access to guns and that white is just the best colour ever? Then One Nation is here for you!

There can only be one!


Reasons to Vote for the Greens / Labor / Liberals / One Nation

Author: The Uninformed Voter

Publisher: Humor Press

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