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Council flicks on-switch at solar car park
Applying an extra tax on EVs would make Australia a global laughing stock
Breakthrough paves path for a future free of batteries catching fire
Minister continues to thumb her nose at officials
New ‘league table’ reveals electric car charging availability across UK as Transport Secretary calls
Z3R0 EM15510N future government to introduce green number plates
GreenGo Gives Oracle Cloud Green Light
New digital platform for fleet managers set to drive mass switch to EVs
A chip to measure vacuums
Majority of South Australians Want ‘Formula E’ Championship Race Held in Adelaide
Electric car recharge station open for business
Council’s solar carpark roof opened today
Greener, faster and cheaper way to make patterned metals for solar cells and electronics
Western Sydney University launches latest solar car
ACCC’s sloppy logic on electric vehicles fails to consider health costs
Government announces climate action plan
Council’s first electric car is unveiled
Real cost would come from ignoring emissions standards, and would be paid by Australian drivers
New investment to drive forward next generation of net zero planes and cars
An electric partnership UK e-mobility delegation visits India
PM hosts automotive leaders at Downing Street
Electric car chargepoints to be installed in all future homes in world first
Government low carbon fuels strategy for transport
Investment in quantum as researchers use sensing to see inside electric car battery
Kalgoorlie to become Western Australia regional training hub
Quantum leap forward at Sussex for electric car batteries
Becoming an Innovation Nation Driving up private investment into research and development
No more trial-and-error when choosing an electrolyte for metal-air batteries
Minecraft embraces world-leading Australian minerals sector
Defence highlights construction of new sports facility at Saint-Jean Garrison
Speech for London Climate Week
Construction contract signed for Warrick Lane redevelopment
Charging stations for electric cars in Hobsons Bay
Activity of fuel cell catalysts doubled
New noise systems to stop ‘silent’ electric cars and improve safety
Melting metals as sustainable needs heat up
Alliance Ventures Invests in Mobility House to Boost Electric Mobility
Justine Jarvinen selected as CEO of UNSW’s Energy Institute
Lightyear Unveils World’s First Long-range Solar Car
Queensland resources employment figures at a high
North West powering to become leading battery mineral supplier
Can UK take advantage of electric vehicle revolution?
Nissan’s new Melbourne headquarters and electric car centre
Melbourne Nod For Nissan HQ And Electric Car Centre
Welsh projects given green light to develop latest battery technology for electric vehicles
Green light for investment in electric car battery development
Queensland needs a future-focussed “new world” State Budget
New laws to guarantee payment for solar homes providing excess electricity