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47 Businesses Urge EU Leaders: 2035 Phase-Out of Petrol/Diesel Cars
Australias EVs Double: Whats Impact on Strained Power Grid?
Solar Waste Crisis: 80M Panels at Risk of Disposal
Batteries: Passivation Layer Mystery Solved
EHRA 2023: hottest science in heart rhythm disorders
EVC Submission to National Battery Strategy
Integrated electricity is new frontier of climate leadership
Commission Proposes Reforms to Boost Renewables, Protect Consumers, Enhance Competitiveness
Importation Key to Unlocking Booming EV Industry
New DTU member of Danish Council on Climate Change
Breathing Becomes Harder
Powering up Tarneit
On Road to Better Solid-State Batteries
Lithium-Air Battery Offers Longer Driving Range than Lithium-Ion
Submission to AEMC: Unlocking CER Benefits via Flexible Trading
Electric Car & Clean Energy Tech Booms in Australia After Fully Charged LIVE Sydney
Electric Car & Clean Energy Tech Booms in Australia After Fully Charged LIVE Sydney
King Launches Plan to Save Ballarat Drivers $80 Million
Using combustion to make better batteries
Greener alternative for aviation fuel
EVC submission to AEMO 2023 Integrated System Plan
Electric Vehicle Council Calls for Consultation on ESB-EVSE Register
$50m boost to Sustainable Household Scheme
Lithium-Ion Batteries Get Performance Boost From ‘Defects’
Albo must rule out tax hike on farmers
2022 Australian Electric Vehicle Industry Recap
Link Found Between Traffic Noise and Tinnitus: Study
EVC Submission to Critical Minerals Strategy
EVC Submission to National Reconstruction Fund Consultation
EVC submission to ACCC Lithium Ion Battery Safety consultation
Electric Vehicles Reduce Air Pollution and Improve Health: Study
Council to provide more Electric Vehicle charging stations
NSW EPA Submits Climate Change Action Plan to EVC
King Willem-Alexander opens ELEO battery production plant in Helmond
Four UConn Researchers Take DoD University Research Equipment Awards
Warwick University will help Bolivia become “energy cell of world”
Research: Microalgae Could Fuel Future of Sustainable Superfoods
Polysulfates Could Revolutionize High-Performance Electronics Components
Maximise Savings with Home Solar System: Slash Power Bills
Cornell to help boost US supply of critical energy minerals
Design of 3D Materials Boosts Fuel Cell Efficiency
UCL to co-lead new £8 million project to help UK reach net-zero
It’s electrifying
Oxford Uni to Lead £8m Net-Zero Energy Project
Economic impact: Sandia Labs tops $4.2B in spending for first time, added 480 jobs in FY22
Drivers in 3 States Benefit from Electric Vehicles
Toyota Sees Record-High Customer Deliveries in 14 Years
Researchers Investigate Battery Deterioration