Why more and more landlords are managing their own investments

The Atticism

A 400% increase in landlords turning to self management of their properties during COVID-19.

Research is showing that landlords are fed up with real estate and property management agencies. From hugely fluctuating costs, to a lack of inspections, to exorbitant charges for standard lease renewals, landlords feel they are paying a lot, and getting little in return.

The Atticism conducted a callout on behalf of their client, Instarent, to discover some of the most common complaints, and found a similar trend in responses.

“I have property in the country area. 6% mgt fee. Charged 1.5 weeks letting fee for each let which includes advertising, boards etc. I get really annoyed that I am charged for a monthly and annual rental statement. Also annoyed that I am charged 99c because the tenant is on benefits. Why should I pay?” – Belinda, Blue Mountains*

“I pay a 5% management fee on rent received. I don’t even remember the last time they did an inspection and I usually only hear from them if there is a problem (and then they demand immediate action) or the lease is due for renewal and they want approval for advertising fees. I pay a lease preparation fee each time the lease is renewed (even if the tenant breaks the lease) and have to pay all advertising fees if the tenants leave.” – Sara, Parramatta*

But, whilst almost all landlords we surveyed were unhappy with their agencies, many state that they are reluctant to strike out on their own to self-manage their properties. They’re nervous about dealing with difficult or needy tenants, being required to be ‘on call’ 24 hours a day or finding the time to get everything done.

“I have 11 rentals and would love to manage them myself but would need an app that I can put in the due dates of rent, copies of the leases signed, reminders for rent due, texts or notifications for rent paid, applications for hires should a tenant fall through & I need to access my waitlist. As my rentals are in 3 states, I can’t have a single property manager but am not sure how to do it all myself as I am just not qualified.” – Charlie, QLD*

Thankfully, there’s a third choice for landlords.

Instarent, is a licensed real estate agency, with a groundbreaking online real estate platform designed specifically for landlords. Instarent promises to streamline the whole rental process so landlords never have to deal with real estate agencies or property managers again.

Founded by AJ Chand and Aron Akca, Instarent is looking to disrupt the rental property status quo. Using advancing technology, Instarent can connect tenants directly with rental properties and landlords, organise inspections, take applications, screen and verify potential residents, collect rent, handle maintenance orders and even connect tenants directly with landlord-approved tradies and much more – all online, through an easy-to-use app.

AJ Chand, co-founder and CEO of Instarent, says, ‘Our clients want to be able to manage their rental properties easily and efficiently, and at an affordable price. And that’s what we’re all about.’

With social distancing requirements now in place, an app that can take on some of the in-person work is also a major selling point.

‘People really don’t want strangers coming into their homes right now, and for good reason,’ says Chand. ‘Rental agreements, maintenance requests and all other rental paperwork can be submitted online. All your conversations can take place here, as well as rental payments, too.’

Instarent is proving its worth to landlords across Australia already with a massive growth of over 400% over the last six months. Users call it effective, and are impressed with its ability to attract good quality, interested tenants. And with $5.5 billion dollars’ worth of property currently in the Australian property management industry, there is a great deal of opportunity

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