Will Hodgman must come clean about troubled Spirit of Tasmania vessels

  • Tasmanians kept in the dark over the new Spirit vessels
  • Massive delays plague this major project
  • Will Hodgman ‘hands off’ Premier
  • After months of secrecy and uncertainty, the Hodgman Liberal Government must finally come clean about the future delivery of the two new Spirit of Tasmania vessels.

    Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, said the Government had undermined confidence in the biggest infrastructure project in the state’s history as a result of its lack of leadership and its stony silence.

    “There are serious questions on the actual delivery of these vessels, questions that have been raised back in February of this year and yet Tasmanians are being kept in the dark,” Mr O’Byrne said.

    “First the German shipyard contracted to build the vessel, FSG, went through a bailout and financial restructure and then the head of the TT-Line’s vessel replacement team quit.

    “Now we hear that other FSG clients and other ship builders are looking to China to build their ships.

    “But still the Government refuses to tell Tasmanians if the new vessels will be built by FSG and whether they will be delivered as promised in 2021.

    “These vessels represent the single largest purchase in the state’s history and it is shameful Will Hodgman, who is also Tourism Minister, is so hands off.

    “This project is vital to maintaining growth in the tourism industry, in our major time sensitive freight exporters and the broader economy and Tasmanians deserve to know the truth.”

    David O’Byrne MP

    Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure