ACT clean jobs PLAN: new Report

Climate Council


NEW ECONOMIC MODELLING from AlphaBeta has found 1,000 jobs can be created in the ACT, rapidly getting people back into the workforce while also tackling climate change.

“The Clean Jobs Plan identifies a dozen policy options that can create jobs fast, where they are needed and for people who need them most. The job creation can start immediately and continue over three years,” said AlphaBeta Director, Andrew Charlton.

“In the ACT, many of the potential jobs are in funding clean technology research and development. The ACT government can do this by supporting businesses, universities and other research centres to work on climate-related challenges,” said Mr Charlton.

Report Key Findings

  • In the ACT, up to 300 jobs could be created in research and development; up to 200 jobs in making public buildings more energy efficient; up to 200 jobs in collecting organic waste.

  • Economic stimulus can pay long-term dividends and set us up for the future by creating jobs, kick starting the economy and tackling climate change simultaneously.

  • Investments in clean jobs will have a lasting benefit for the economy, reducing energy costs, producing reliable clean power and developing new industries.

“There are also hundreds of jobs that could be created in the ACT retrofitting public buildings with energy efficiency technologies – such as upgrading ventilation systems to be demand responsive,” said the Climate Council’s CEO Amanda McKenzie.

“Jobs could be created for electricians, administrative workers and builders,” she said.

Within the next 20 years the ACT is aiming to increase its tree canopy cover by 30 per cent. The Clean Jobs Plan identifies 100 jobs in the territory in urban and peri-urban gardens that could help achieve this target.

“This plan is unique because of the speed at which it can get people back to work. It puts us on a practical, jobs-rich path and focuses on areas most in need. It sets us up for the future, by creating jobs and tackling climate change. It’s a win-win solution,” said Ms McKenzie.

The Clean Jobs Plan was commissioned by the Climate Council. AlphaBeta is part of Accenture.

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