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Electrical and computer engineering researchers demystify role of negative capacitance in modern MOSFETs
Extend JobKeeper & JobSeeker to ensure nobody is left behind
Building a stronger and cleaner post-pandemic Australia
Onboard Separation Technology Set to Improve Fuel Economy
Cornell farm tractor gets clean, green biodiesel makeover
Government launches new £40 million Clean Growth Fund to supercharge green start-ups
Investing In Renewables To Keep Energy Bills Low
World can likely capture and store enough carbon dioxide to meet climate targets
Missed opportunity for stronger action on energy efficiency
A dirty tech roadmap is no vision for Australia
Homes England commissions MMC research study to drive construction innovation
Covid-19 crisis is hurting but not halting global growth in renewable power capacity
Record drop in retail spending shows need for ACTU plan to rebuild domestic economy
Investing in Culture and Local Jobs: Katherine’s Mimi Aboriginal Art and Craft Design Tender Open
UK Global Tariff backs UK businesses and consumers
Climate review tools can help strategy, with resources
Supporting resources sector in low-cost emissions reduction
What can your microwave tell you about your health?
NUS engineers invent hybrid air conditioner that reduces electricity consumption
New partnership to boost business use of smart LED lighting
Transistor sets a new standard for energy efficiency
Australian Unions call for 2 million new secure jobs and halving of job insecurity to rebuild economy
Quick action from governments can drive energy efficiency jobs boom
ACOSS warns against Government’s planned cuts to income support
Greens introduce major legislation for a better planning system
Have your say on energy security for NSW
Long-term developments of energy pricing and consumption in industry
Treasurer states we need a decent social security safety net
A Big Comeback for a Little Switch
Advanced manufacturing innovation helps industry in COVID-19 fight
ORNL delivers advanced manufacturing innovation and enables industry to meet COVID-19 healthcare demands
Hydrogen and nanomaterials may transform energy industry, according to Baker Institute
Leaders in Scientific Research and Innovation in Lasers, Optical Materials and Photonic Devices to H
Technique could enable cheaper fertilizer production
Researchers providing advice at heart of Government
Insight – Fresh Prospects in Indian Mining: Mine Development & Operations
Backing Australian hydrogen industry to grow jobs, economy and exports
CEFC welcomes launch of new $300 million Advancing Hydrogen Fund
Westpac NZ prepares for challenging period ahead
ACOSS recovery proposals for job creation and poverty reduction
IEA and Denmark host ministerial roundtable discussion on making clean energy a key part of global economic
Minister O’Regan Attends International Energy Agency’s Roundtable on Economic Recovery
McGill University to accelerate carbon footprint reduction of its endowment investments
In Boston, COVID-19 and Climate Change Are Hitting Same Communities Hardest
This Earth Day, businesses are taking ambitious climate action
CFA’s renewable energy
IEA brings together leading global figures to discuss role of energy efficiency
Successful delivery: ORNL demonstrates bi-directional wireless charging on hybrid UPS truck