After election: what you told us

As the dust continues to settle after May 18, the results are in from our post-election survey – and the results are something to behold.

By The Australian Greens

As the dust continues to settle after May 18, the results are in from our post-election survey. A huge thanks to the 8,528 of you who took the time to tell us about your Greens election.

The results have given us insights to the campaign that we may not have been able to glean from other sources. We will use the information to improve our planning and communications in future campaigns.

Who responded?

Remembering that 8,528 completed the survey:

  • 2,506 (27.8%) of you are members

  • What gender do our respondents most closely identify with?

    • Women: 50.9%

    • Men: 45.6%

    • Prefer not to say: 1.9%

    • A variety of responses from 1.5% including transgender male, transgender female, non-binary, person, gender-queer, human and one BOWG (Boring Old White Guy)

  • 12.3% identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community

  • 3.6% told us they identify as a person of colour

  • 11.5% are people living with a disability

  • 48% of you told us you consider yourselves to be ‘privileged’, 46% think they are ‘about average’ and 9% said they are ‘disadvantaged’

What did you do for the campaign?

  • 2,276 (25.1%) of you volunteered

    • 2,002 (88%) handed out on polling booths

      • 469 (20.8%) were booth captains

    • 234 (10%) joined call teams, generating support for the campaign on the phone

    • 94.1% those lovely folks would like to keep volunteering

  • 3,097 (34.5%) donated to the Greens (interesting to note that 8,196 (91.1%) of respondents are concerned about the influence of big corporate money in politics)

    • What were the top three motivations to give?(noting that people could select more than one motivator)

1. 64.6% donated to the Greens campaign on climate

2. 53% donated to get more Greens into Parliament

3. 45.1% donated to get our message out to the broader community

  • A massive 7,472 (84.8%) of you spoke to friends and family about voting Greens. THANKS – you know it made a difference!

What else are you interested in?

  • 1,434 people were interested in buying Greens merchandise. Are you too? Check out our online:

  • 1,480 wanted to know more about joining the party. Interesting fact: since the election, we have seen increases in membership across the country, with Victoria welcoming 417 new members. NSW have also bolstered their grassroots community with around 400 newbies. Are you keen to know more about your state party? Find out what you need to know here: