An Advance on Australian Politics

A new political party emerging in Australian politics

SYDNEY. 7 March 2019 /AAPNewswire/ — After a recent merger between Building A Better Australia Party with the Motorists Party, the NSW Electoral Commission has approved the name change of the party to form the Advance Australia Party.

These changes allow Advance to stand as a political party at the forthcoming NSW state election on March 23.

“With diverse policies we intend to make Advance a formidable alternative to the two major political parties in Australia” claims Mr Ray Brown, Advance party leader. “For too long there has been little real choice for voters with government control flipping back and forth between the left and right. You’ve always got one side unhappy and it becomes a very corrosive political process. It would be far better to have diverse members coming together to form government in the interests of voters, not the parties”.

Advance have launched a range of policies aimed at a broader base including climate change, renewable energies, housing affordability and protection of people’s rights in relation to data collection and use of personal information.

“We have policies that will recharge Sydney’s reputation as an international city and restore it as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations” says Mr Brown. “By applying intelligent thought rather than knee jerk reactions we can solve major issues such as lockout laws, traffic congestion, and Sydney’s light rail”

Advance’s plans include winding back the draconian lockout laws,developing the current naval base at Woolloomooloo into an international cruise ship terminal, develop and free up Sydney’s free roads, bring back and extend Sydney’s monorail, and extend Sydney’s trading hours to bring retail and leisure trading times in line with international standards.

“As well as fast tracking Sydney’s second international airport we will support more rail and metro links to it” says Mr Brown.

Part of furthering Sydney as a tourism gateway Advance supports the development of the current naval base at Woolloomooloo into the world’s best cruise ship terminal in the world’s best harbour.

“Cruise ship passengers want to enter this great city through the port of Sydney, not Botany Bay.” says Mr Brown. “And with cruise ships becoming increasingly larger, most modern liners won’t fit under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The logical decision is to move the naval base from Woolloomooloo to Botany Bay and build a new cruise ship terminal at Woolloomooloo”.

According to Advance improving and freeing up Sydney’s choked roadways will increase the movement of people around the city, both for Sydneysiders and international visitors and help see Sydney once again become Australia’s leading city both economically and for liveability.

“There has been far too much focus on new toll roads with the vast majority of Sydney’s free roads having been completely neglected for many years, yet car numbers on them continue to grow. People are getting really sick of it and something needs to be done”.

Advance’s Facebook post regarding restoring Sydney’s reputation as a leading international tourist destination has reached over 50,000 people so far:

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