An electronic waste ban is coming to Victoria on Monday 1 July

An electronic waste ban is coming to Victoria on Monday 1 July.

Electronic waste is growing 3 times faster than the rate of standard waste. It contains potentially hazardous and valuable materials, which don’t belong in landfill.

To help protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government is banning all electronic waste from going to landfill as of Monday 1 July 2019.

What is electronic waste?

Electronic waste is anything with a battery or a plug, items include phones, laptops, kitchen appliances and toys – you can find a complete list of electronic waste items here.

What does this ban mean for you?

From Monday 1 July all electronic waste must be disposed of at a designated collection point.

Electronic waste items cannot be disposed of in kerbside waste or recycling bin and electronic waste contamination in your kerbside bins will result in your bins not being collected.

Recycle your electronic waste correctly

Many electronic products contain valuable materials such as mercury, copper, plastics and aluminium that can be recovered and recycled into new products. Disposing of your electronic waste correctly at dedicated drop off points means your products will be given a second life.

Yarra residents can drop their electronic waste in the following locations.

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