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Nitrate found to release uranium into groundwater: Study
Detecting manipulations in microchips
EPFL hones efforts to ensure new technology is sustainable
What can go in my FOGO bin?
Greening beauty industry
MPs, Candidates, and Alliance Call for End to Mining in Catchments
PFAS Found in Cattle: Study Suggests Risks Reduction Methods
Autumn planned burns to commence in North East
Oxfam Warns of Further Suffering for Türkiye Quake Survivors
Oxfam Warns of Fresh Trouble for Türkiye Quake Survivors
Designing more useful bacteria
Virus-Resistant E. coli Created for Medical, Industrial Use
Scientists Say Earth’s Water Not from Melted Meteorites
Forever Chemicals Risk for Skiers, Snowboarders Unrecognized
PFAS in Toilet Paper: Keep Health Risks in Perspective
FDA Recalls 3 Eye Drops: Patient Info Needed
Battery recycling prevents fires
UK Welcomes Environmental Lawyer Robert Bilott for Water Health Talk
Rising risks of plastic pollution
Nile River Delta Faces Existential Threats: Study
Zambia’s Green City Plan Prioritizes Lead Mine Cleanup
Mobile Police Bases proving valuable community connection
Researchers help reveal evidence of rare Roman Temple
Partial power loss and collision with terrain
How environmental disasters affect ecosystems
PFAS Found in Food from Plastic Containers
USA pledges $73M for dioxin cleanup at Bien Hoa Air Base
Bay beaches summertime blues
Neonicotinoids Need Better Regulation to Avoid Detrimental Effects
New Vehicles to Australia: Biosecurity Risk Info from Dept. of Ag Water & Env
Kenya Partners to Tackle Health, Food Safety Issues
Kogarah War Memorial Pool Site Remediation Starting Soon
World Seagrass Day Highlights Conservation Efforts
Designing for Ignition: Precise changes yield historic results
Researcher Develops Simple, Affordable HIV Testing Device
New Zealand Still Uses Wood Preservative Linked to Arsenic Pollution
Researchers Unravel Path to Hep E Treatment
LLNL Chemists Make Breakthrough in Studying Radioactive Materials
Council accepts funding for FOGO Bin Collection Service
New fire station to guard Sydney’s south west
18 Million in Ukraine Need Aid as War Hits 2nd Year
NEW PROJECT: Optimizing Nuclear Techniques to Tackle Microplastic Pollution in Coastal Areas
Next-Gen Solar Cells Created with New Method
UC Irvine Researchers Develop E. coli-Based Water Monitor
Clean Plasma Demo Heralds New Era of Power Plants
Lemon Springs February update
Military Drug Testing: Don’t Eat Poppy Seeds, Warns Defense Dept
New Sensor Can Detect Mercury with Tap (Video)