Australia’s First Artificial Intelligence Employee Legal Advisor


Australia’s first Artificial Intelligence Employee Legal Assistant Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Designed by people with legal knowledge, built by a local AI firm, and powered by Amazon Lex, Riqi is available on IRIQ Law’s website 24/7 to assist employees who are having difficulties at work in regard to unfair dismissal, unlawful terminations, workplace bullying, workplace discrimination, underpayments and general protections.

IRIQ Law have partnered with Blackbook AI to design and launch Riqi following extensive testing over the last 12 months.

IRIQ Law Managing Legal Practitioner Director, Theresa Moltoni says that Riqi will assist law firms to provide a richer experience for clients, efficiency and cost savings with a careful regard for the proper exercise of professional obligations built in to each process.

Riqi will ask relevant questions, seek information and provide an opportunity for employees to upload relevant documents. For a modest fee Riqi will advise the employee whether they have a likely case, warn the employee about how long they have to file a claim and arrange for someone to contact them the next business day.

Behind the scenes, Riqi will capture the data and send the required information to a solicitor so that the employee’s file can be opened efficiently, and the matter progressed. Riqi will automate a great deal of the information collection required and the solicitor will then have an opportunity to address any further requirements and ensure their professional obligations are met. Chief Executive Officer of Blackbook, Thuy Lam explains how the careful analysis of legal flows broken down to the lowest level, can have a positive impact on the future of artificial intelligence in the legal profession.

Following the launch of Riqi, IRIQ Law and Blackbook AI have plans to further integrate client file creation with Practice software, streamlining file openings, cost disclosure obligations and file management. IRIQ Law and Blackbook will also be looking to work with other law firms who are interested in utilizing Riqi’s unique abilities.

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