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Alan Turing Institute Partners with UK Gov for Cycling and Walking Data
Supply chain compromise of 3CX DesktopApp
Research: Cryptomarkets Boost Illicit Drug Trade
UK Gov unveils defence supply chain mapping tool
Arts Academy at CDU to Mentor Top NT Musicians with New Lecturer
May Graham-Turner Scholarship Opens for Aboriginal Education
Bank Impersonation Scams Stealing Aussies’ Life Savings
Chip Design Promises Unprecedented Memory Precision
How cosmic winds transform galactic environments
Scientists Unveil Comprehensive Map of Venus’s 85,000 Volcanoes
Microsoft Outlook for Windows has High Severity Vulnerability
Eye-tracking during building inspections provides insight on how experts think
More Consumer Protection Needed to Tackle Cryptocurrency Gambling Risk, Says Research
ChatGPT and future of work
All eyes on Kim Ferrari
Canada’s Plan to Boost Skilled Refugee Employment
Advances in Brain Modelling Pave Way for Digital Twin Brain Medicine
11 Ideas to Enhance Air Travel for Customers
Deep-learning Optimized Suite Enhances ChIP-exo Peak Calling
Mapping People’s Knowledge of Bees Aids Pollinator Conservation
Ambassadors Hand Over ICT Equipment to Combat Corruption
Maize Gene Helps Boost Water, Nutrient Uptake
Researcher-School Partnership Expands Learning Possibilities
Postmasters Compensated Over Horizon Scandal
AI Rollout in Media, Entertainment Needs Careful Consideration
2022: Elevated Zero-Day Exploitation
CBA significantly expands technology graduate intake
New technique captures unprecedented view of active brain
IATA and AWS Launch Datathon to Increase Aviation Diversity
Wiley, Aries Systems Partner Up to Boost Publisher Services
UK Tech Deal May Increase Server Costs for Firms
Successful launch of new T2 wholesale payment system
New ambulance station for South West Sydney community
University of Nottingham UK’s First to Incorporate Built Env. Software Training
Remembering Hiroshima Before Nuclear Blast
API for Modern Awards Pay Database now available
Qld Govt Extends Security of Payment for Smaller Contracts
Support Avail. for Students with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities/Mental Health
NHS faces higher costs under new healthcare deal
Computational Engineering is key to ignition success
3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving
State Government takes action to improve PDA booking system
Tool speeds up, boosts accuracy of vaccine dev
£Multi-Million Investment to Boost Legal Tech Growth
Teens’ Recovery Speed Improved by Dispelling Pain Myths
160,000+ New Kiwis to Make NZ Home
40% of Mfrs Struggle to Compete: Tech, Skilled Wkrs Lacking
Psychology: Making Mistakes Can Help Your Reputation