Back Alan Kohler’s call for a Royal Commission to review evidence on Climate and Energy Policies

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Cool Futures Funds Management

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MEDIA RELEASE Tuesday 11 February 2020

Petition for Alan Kohler’s

Royal Commission to review evidence on Climate and Energy Policies.

Sign House of Representatives e-Petition EN1231

So many policies are now impacted by ‘climate change’. Any Government genuinely interested in dispassionately resolving the polarised climate and energy policies debate, will welcome this Royal Commission.

No one among the public, the policy-making ministers, the bureaucrats, the corporate and management class, the public intellectuals, or indeed our journalists, has ever seen the empirical evidence in support of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW).

Why do the climate scientists believe in CAGW? Is there any empirical evidence or is it just models? Can we see this evidence? What due diligence has been done so far?

This Royal Commission, Alan suggests, will fill a critical need.

Alan Kohler has called for a Royal Commission suggesting,

“… a review of the evidence on (climate change and energy) in which everyone is required (under oath) to tell the truth.”

The Australian Sept 21, 2019

Alan is alluding to those who are sceptical of CAGW.

He wants everyone convinced by the evidence; and on board with combatting climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

Policies are supposed to be “science based” and “evidence based,” so we all need to know precisely what the relevant terms mean and what the evidence is. The public only ever hear or see people, including scientists, giving their opinions on climate change. But opinions are not evidence and ‘climate change’ is not defined. We all need to see the evidence, the impact and the timing.

Dr David Evans, who built Australia’s forestry and agricultural carbon accounting system (FullCAM):

The reasons for believing CAGW are purely theoretical. CAGW is a theory based on basic physics models and large computerized models. That’s why there is no empirical evidence for it, and why we cannot simply point to some evidence and convince everyone that it is true. But it is also why CAGW cannot be falsified by empirical evidence.

Chris Dawson, Cool Futures Funds Management – Climate and Energy Due Diligence Initiative:

Quality due diligence is essential for an informed market, and for the body politic to function optimally. Similarly, guidelines on director’s fiduciary obligations on climate and energy are ambiguous, bureaucratic and disconcerting. For example, the terms ‘climate’, ‘climate change’, ‘global warming’, ‘climate science’ are not defined; and relevant scientific literature is not cited. This lack of definition and information leads to a climate of uncertainty and fear for many directors.

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