Back to back time-wasting stunts from Labor

Will Hodgman,Premier

Once again, the Labor Party have demonstrated they are all stunts and no substance.

Rebecca White has one trick in her playbook – time-wasting stunts. They help no one, they waste parliamentary time, and they show the Labor Party stands for nothing but relentless negativity.

We will not delay debate on the State Budget, which delivers a record $8.1 billion for health and hospitals, to indulge Labor’s time-wasting stunts.

For Labor to suggest that their reheated and shallow stunts are of greater urgency than passing the State Budget, which funds essential services at record levels, clearly demonstrates their warped priorities.

The Liberal Government has a strong track record of investing in health under Minister Michael Ferguson, which includes a record $8.1 billion over the next four years – an increase of $544 million.

Minister Jaensch is delivering our $125 million investment into Stage Two of our Affordable Housing Strategy, taking our total investment to almost $200 million over eight years – the largest ever investment into affordable housing in Tasmania’s history.

We are continuing to work with all stakeholders to deliver our record funding for health and housing, and provide more services for Tasmanians in need.

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