Bat poop, dark skies, making beer with algae, and defining rights of Moon

National Science Week

Great National Science Week stories and talent up for grabs in Sydney and regional New South Wales, including:

· Identify a frog and see the emu in the sky on the Sydney Science Trail

· Talking climate change like your life depends on it—with Tim Flannery, social researcher Rebecca Huntley, and marine scientist Emma Johnston

· Learn from 60,000 years of Aboriginal astronomy and Indigenous knowledge

· Should the Moon have legal rights?

· Is your diet good for the planet?

· Get your dark sky back

· From supermassive black holes to Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador—meet Lisa Harvey-Smith

· Holy bat-poop! What bugs are spread by flying faeces?

· What do algae have to do with beer-making?

· Plant pathogens, pests and pollinators: the fight to get food on your plate

· Become a Carbon Counter and join the challenge cut our contribution to climate change.

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