Britannica launches “Curiosity Day” to Empower your mind, Embolden your heart, and Discover your Curiosity

— Particularly in today’s world, where technology is hijacking our minds, Curiosity Day is a movement focused on reinvigorating an innate human trait that has helped humankind push boundaries and progress

Encyclopaedia Britannica, which yesterday marked its 250th anniversary and 25 years on the Internet , kicked off its second quarter of a millennium with “Curiosity Day ,” a new initiative aimed at strengthening the human mind and inspiring the joy of learning every day.

In launching the new initiative, the company stated:

“We aspire to help people explore their own minds as well as the great minds of history. That’s why we created the Curiosity Compass. As part of this experience, our Curiosity Challenge compels you to dive into the past, present, the self, and the community through a multi-week email challenge with social components.

“Have you ever wondered if you share traits with famous people throughout history or what your unique inquisitive abilities might be? Discover your Curiosity Type through a series of thought provoking and engaging questions which will ultimately reveal which of four profile types (the Artist, Inventor, Explorer, Scientist) you align with. For those looking to explore their profile strengths further — visitors can sign up for the Curiosity Challenge email experience. We encourage those who are participating to share their experience with their friends & family and reach out to new connections on social media through unique hashtags.”

Visitors to the Curiosity Day website can also read about The Science of Curiosity and discover how to improve their own abilities with 10 Ways to Be More Curious. For those inspired by stories from real life Britannica has compiled and categorized Curious People, profiles of some of the most interesting, creative people throughout history, from its extensive database.

The initiative was kicked off at two schools near the company’s Chicago headquarters: the Barack Obama Learning Academy in Markham, Ill., and the Eisenhower Academy , in Joliet, Ill. There students and teachers took part in a series of engaging activities designed spark their curiosity.

“When you’re curious about any topic or any subject you’ll delve more into it,” said Tonya Scruggs, a third-grade teacher at the Barack Obama Learning Academy. “It’s like a hook to inspire learning, to inspire their curiosity, to inspire them to want to

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