Cassy O’Connor confirms another Labor-Green backroom deal

The continued refusal by Labor to tell Tasmanians what deal they have done with the Greens on birth certificate changes shows the contempt they have for the Tasmanian public.

After already having been heavily criticised by the public and by Bill Shorten for proposing to take gender off birth certificates, it is extraordinary that Rebecca White has gone back to the well again for another round of secret amendments negotiated behind the scenes with the Greens.

Even more extraordinary is that Cassy O’Connor is now openly speaking on behalf of Labor to explain what their intentions are. Labor is not even quoted in the article in today’s Mercury newspaper announcing that Labor is working with the Greens on amendments.

Less than a week after calling Labor “gutless” and “dishonest” for trying to pretend they weren’t working with the Greens on these changes, Ms O’Connor is again being pushed forward by Labor to explain their position.

And once again, Labor still refuses to release to the public for their consideration the amendments they’re proposing to move only next week. Why is Labor afraid to put their amendments to the public for scrutiny?

Changing the way information is recorded on birth certificates and by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages would be a major law reform with many possible unintended consequences. These matters should be referred to the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, not rushed through on the quiet by Labor and the Greens.

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