Cat owners reminded to keep their pets under control


Cats play a special part in many people’s lives and it’s important to be responsible so your furry friends stay safe.

Corangamite Shire Council Manager Environment and Emergency Lyall Bond said cats lived longer, healthier lives when safely contained to the owner’s property.

“Roaming cats can get hit by cars, injured in fights, catch diseases or get lost,” Mr Bond said.

“Cats are natural hunters and kill native wildlife, even if they’re well fed.

“They can also cause problems for your neighbours with noise, fighting, and digging in gardens.”

Mr Bond said cat owners were required by law to keep their pets confined to their property at all times.

“Cats can live quite happily as long as the owner makes a few easy arrangements.

“They need personal space, sleeping, resting and viewing areas, food, water and litter boxes, as well as toys and scratching posts to give them exercise and prevent boredom.

“De-sexing cats also reduces their desire to roam and helps prevent behavioural problems.

“Responsible cat ownership includes caring for your pet’s welfare needs, registration, microchipping. If a cat is microchipped and registered it can be returned to its owners if found wandering.”

Mr Bond said most people were responsible pet owners and contained their cats to their property.

“There are active feral cat trapping programs across the Shire, so to both avoid a fine and ensure your pet is not collected wandering, please ensure it is contained to the property. The fine for allowing cats to wander is $83.”

The State Government provides advice on cat-proof fences and enclosures here.

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