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Anne Frank’s ‘dirty jokes’ found in hidden diary pages
Mystery pooper revealed to be school official
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Nearly 150 beached whales die in Australia
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Mysterious loud boom shakes Oklahoma, locals report green and orange flashes
Amelia Earhart: Island bones ‘likely’ belonged to famed pilot
Amelia Earhart mystery finally solved – anthropology professor
2,000-year-old sculpture discovered in Saudi desert
Researchers trying to explain how some mushrooms became ‘magic’
Researchers discover more genes associated with schizophrenia
French meat restaurant smashed-up in night attack (PHOTOS)
Film director suffers ‘massive’ heart attack
Celebrate St Patrick's Day in South Wharf
State Library Victoria brings books to life for White Night Melbourne
First human eggs grown in laboratory
Full ‘body masks’ on the way for social network
Australian cafes frothing over flat-uccinos
Vast quantities of water ice discovered below surface of Mars
Scientists studying extraterrestrial radio signals coming from space
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How can you fly without a ticket?
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Aussie sub found 103 years after mysterious disappearance during WWI