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HIV: overwhelming enemy from start
Splicing factor to blame in triple negative breast cancer
Postcard: Visit to China with N8 Agrifood partnership
Cornell nutrition research will inform WHO guidelines, policy
Should Santa deliver by drone?
UK science engineering company ready to take unique Purdue heating technology to market
Saying ‘thank you’ to donors doesn’t lead to repeat donations
University study reveals why nicotine initially feels disgusting, could help smokers quit
Scientists close inch closer than ever to signal from cosmic dawn
Online brand-management course offered through eCornell
Cornell research drives NYSEG electric car charging pilot
Canadian research team headed to ‘Mars’
Researchers reach milestone in quantum standardization
Repatriation of Wanniyalaeto remains following ceremony in Edinburgh
Progressive gender views may protect health of financially dependent men
Dana-Farber researchers to present more than 40 studies at 2019 ASH Annual Meeting
New partnership will help experts discover more about history of Devon’s most illustrious family
Children of abused mothers 50 per cent more likely to have low IQ
Skiers had lower incidence of depression and vascular dementia – but not Alzheimer’s
AWAKE: More plasma = more acceleration
Online hate speech report launched
Lasers, rockets and explosions as Christmas lectures return to Warwick
Computer Security: Don’t print naked
Who’s Challenging Who? – unique training project showcased online
Vital ingredient in everything from washing detergents to pharmaceuticals
Search results not biased along party lines, Stanford scholars find
Understanding how raptors hear may help prevent future wind turbine deaths
Go8 commends Government and Parliament for passage of legislation enabling Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Indonesia, Hong Kong and Peru
Health researchers recognised for their real-world impact
Griffith signs research MoU with Central Bank of Timor-Leste
New Migraine Medications Could Endanger Patients with High Blood Pressure
Antarctic Chief Scientist steps down
School of Medicine, Sydney plays its part in 2019 MJA-Lancet Countdown on health and climate change
Harder To Breathe: Air Quality has Worsened Since 2016
An EPFL robot in space
Scientists on ground of proposed runway site
UK and China research team take first steps towards a vaccine for pancreatic cancer
INFORMS Honors Tepper Research in Operations Management
Funding to prevent lower limb amputations
World-first testing strategy for penicillin
Helping crack Alzheimer’s code
Western Sydney University success in prestigious New Colombo Plan Program
Rise of middle-aged share house
Ears all round: world’s first acoustic observatory
QUT Blueprint 6: A plan for university for real world
‘Trickster god’ used fake news in Babylonian Noah story
Social marketing program aims to increase women in STEM2D
One third of UK doctors may suffer from workplace ‘burnout’