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Forest carbon still plentiful post-wildfire after century of fire exclusion
Advertising in apps: Decisions behind those targeted, sometimes invasive ads we see
Which city is most polluted? No one knows
Bestselling Author Nic Stone to Keynote UH Back-to-School Event
Greater Blood Pressure Control Linked to Better Brain Health
Finding right fit at work is critical to your health
Study shows surprising trends for a serious lung condition
Startup works with Cornell AgriTech on mushroom burger
A Community-Driven Data Science System to Advance Microbiome Research
Air pollution can accelerate lung disease as much as a pack a day of cigarettes
Learn how to avoid fast fashion at Cornish events this month
Researcher discusses mystery of why we sleep
Wi-Fi ‘antenna’ provides options for rural areas
No teeth cleaning needed: Crocodiles shed old teeth, grow new ones
Lost in translation: researchers discover translator gene may play a role in disease
Damaged hearts rewired with nanotube fibers
Smartphone Apps May Connect to Vulnerable Backend Cloud Servers
WSU’s Ag Tech Day explores automation in specialty crops
DOE/NNSA, Lab announce partnership with Cray to develop NNSA’s first exascale supercomputer
$50,000, 5 teams, 1 summer – Summer Founders Program results
Disarming enemy: Monash study finds way to disarm dangerous bacteria
Flame retardant may cause hyperthyroidism in cats
Houston universities team upto boost minorities in academia
Dementia care program improves mental health of patients, caregivers
Scientists untangle links between our genes and intake of alcohol and of salt
GP model used to calculate risk of cardiovascular disease could be misleading patients
Why plastic bags are so hard to get rid of
Stroke researchers look to skies for latest breakthrough
Government urged to reform post-study visas
New technique can show links between prey and microplastics
MRI assisted biopsies more effective at identifying prostate cancer that needs treatment than standard biopsies
Imperial and Leiden University collaborate on world-leading AR assessment
DNA tests of UK waters could help catch invasive species early
How do atoms vibrate in graphene nanostructures?
Better tests needed for urinary tract infections
Schrödinger’s Cat with 20 Qubits
Exhibition showcases latest in contemporary art
Artwork explores a stimulating decade in Australian history
Next-Gen Israeli Satellite to Seek out Cosmic Explosions and Black Holes
Coming soon: self-cleaning windscreens and solar panels
Antiseptic resistance in bacteria could lead to next-gen plastics
Deakin frontier materials researchers look for low cost battery solutions
Morrison Govt abandons public schools in private school capital-funding cash splash
Analysis shows large decline in criminal sentencing race gap
When it comes to a mental health strategy for children
Understanding Where Patients Live Can Improve Patient Health
New mining resettlement dataset sets standard
New hub launched to transform caring