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UNSW community recognised in Queen’s Birthday honours
Talking bots, taboo words and political slogans
Touted as ‘development,’ land grabs hurt local communities, and women most of all
Direct from distant planet: Spectral clues to puzzling paradox
Missing out: project tackles northern Australia communications
Tractor transformation time
A platform for Africa’s mobile innovators
Remarkable story of Australian literature’s newest star
How Cryptocurrency Discussions Spread
Secondary students’ sexual health survey
Research team led by NTU Singapore finds information in a third of eczema apps inconsistent
Cost a barrier for life-saving asthma treatments, new study finds
Rescuers often driven by emotion
Are we ready to rise up against racism in Australia?
Indigenous oral health study grant recipients for 2019 announced
Asteroid mining not a million miles away
Researchers ask why home owners are avoiding reverse mortgages
Melbourne Modern: legacy of European artists and designers
Asthmatics failing to cough up for medicines, putting health at risk
Stonefest returns to Canberra after decade-long hibernation
Targeting gut to manage behaviours in children with autism: QUT study
Doctors question use of saline fluids to treat critically ill children
Annual survey of scientists and technologists now open
Are pharma payments to nurses impacting your healthcare?
Blenheim to collaborate with University of Oxford
Mission Impossible: By Land, By Water & By Air
Oxford’s OrganOx is shortlisted for MacRobert Award 2019
FIU among top 15 universities granted U.S. patents in 2018
US must get its house in order, Hadley says in Olin Lecture
Deakin breakthrough tackles overheating phones and foldable tech
Past climate change pushed birds from northern hemisphere to tropics
To find out how invading predators change an ecosystem, watch their prey
U of A researchers developing new treatment that could help protect people with
Radiation Treatment Increases Cardiac Risk for Lung Cancer Patients
From one MSRP generation to next
All-woman team commands rock-zapping laser on Mars
Combating mosquito-borne diseases with bacteria
Fetishizing Algorithms: Why We Can’t Love or Hate Technology
Iowa’s wet spring conforms with climate trends outlined in major 2018 assessment
Conference examines diversity in youth development programs
Here are 12 famous honorary degree recipients from University convocations past
Senior leaders look to Formula One and MIT for learning at high speed
Mysterious holes in Antarctic sea ice explained by years of robotic data
One of simplest animals live in symbiosis with bacteria
Oxford economists support parliamentary inquiry on ‘unacceptable and hypocritical’ fossil
Untangling social dynamics of water
UPOP’s new career peer-mentoring program reaches for STARS
Dwaipayan Banerjee receives 2019 Levitan Prize in Humanities