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Beijing demands end to surveillance after US slams ‘unsafe’ spy plane intercept
Tiny bird breaks migration record with 60,000-mile flight
France grapples with labour strikes ahead of Euro
EU migration policy suggests Europe prefers strongmen over reality
Woman paddleboarding England’s canals finds thousands of plastic items
At least 2 dead, 20 injured in Thailand tour boat collision
Alleged people-smuggling ‘king-pin’ snatched in joint Italian-British operation
Venezuelans pick through trash for food to eat or sell
Car bomb hits police station in southeast Turkey, many wounded
Bangla PM vows to intensify anti-terror clampdown
Iran denies entry to U.S. congressmen amid nuclear deal row
Boston to host U.S.-China climate change summit in 2017
EgyptAir plane lands in Uzbekistan due to bomb threat
Sanders vows to stay in Democratic nomination race
What woman’s sleeping position reveals about her – TEST
UN takes Saudi coalition fighting rebels in Yemen off child blacklist
UN kicks off second round of audition for new secretary-general candidates
6.4 magnitude earthquake jolts Indonesia
Get ready for President Trump – He will win
‘North Korea restarts plutonium production for nukes’
Plane overruns runway, collapses after aborting takeoff in Seoul -UPDATED
‘Chinese jet made ‘unsafe’ intercept of US spy plane’
NASA gives sneak peak at impressive frosted dunes on Mars (PHOTO)
FBI warned banks on cyber attacks after Bangladesh heist
Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy, hospitalized
Turkish president vows continued fight against terrorism
Cincinnati Zoo reopens gorilla enclosure with taller barrier (PHOTOS)
U.S. bases in Okinawa thorny issue for U.S.-Japan alliance
Advances on ISIS bastions shows US, Russia convergence
Saudi Arabia arrests over 100 suspected terrorists
17 passengers evade pre-boarding security at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport
Abandoned Japanese boy admits he couldn’t stop crying after parents drove away
Amazing underwater images show little fish trapped alive inside jellyfish (PHOTOS)
EU Court rules no jail for illegal migrants
European business cooling towards China but will likely boost investment
Germanwings crash victims’ relative files lawsuit against co-pilot’s doctor
Double quakes hit off west coast of Mexico, no damage reported
Bear Scare Brings Finnish Army Drill to a Halt
Hindu priest in Bangladesh killed in suspected Islamist attack
UK’s Cameron says anti-EU campaigners lying to voters
EU court rules illegal migrants cannot be jailed
Government issues warning to fans over Euro 2016 ‘terrorist attacks’
Saudi coalition taken off Yemen list of child violators
Death toll from Australian storm rises to four
N Korea appears to have reopened plutonium plant: IAEA
Italian ex-PM in hospital for heart problem
‘1,000 years not enough’ for jailed pedophile Richard Huckle – Malaysian media
German Defense Ministry confirms White Paper to be published Summer