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Ban Ki-moon urges global unity at 10th annual EU Development Days
EgyptAir plane wreckage found in Mediterranean Sea by investigators
New rules to regulate Europe’s hormone-disrupting chemicals
Russia significantly under-reporting wildfires, figures show
Iran’s all-male delegation faces all-female EU team in Norway
Hacker takes over Daesh Twitter accounts, tweets pro-gay messages
Over 320 People Detained in France Since Start of Euro-2016 Championship
NASA Wants to Grow Human Body Parts on Mars
US: Orlando shooter’s father blames Daesh for attack
Canadian lawmakers vote to make national anthem gender neutral
Russia building military ‘zone of influence’: NATO
Hindu monk gets death threat in Bangladesh
Taliban using child sex slaves to kill police in Afghanistan
Shanghai Disney resort officially opens to public
Switzerland withdraws longstanding application to join EU
‘Ferguson effect’ to blame? DOJ study points to ‘unprecedented’ homicide rise
2 1/2 years behind bars & hefty fine for leading FB ‘phisher’
UAE declares war in Yemen is over for Emirati troops
House GOP leaders block vote on LGBT rights 2 days after Orlando massacre
Life-forming molecule discovered in deep space may hold key to life on Earth
WHO researchers claim very hot drinks ‘probably’ cause cancer, coffee OK though
Gravitational waves detected for 2nd time, opening door to ‘new era of astronomy’
Russia blames English fans for provoking Euro violence
Boat Leave! Farage fights off Bob Geldof in Battle of the Thames
Future summers could leave heat records in the dust, study says
US charges Chinese ex-IBM worker with spying
UN accused of not being neutral in Syrian conflict
Pistorius walks on stumps in court ahead of sentence
IT worker at Panama Papers firm detained in Geneva
SpaceX fails to land Falcon 9 rocket, satellite launch successful
US student in Sweden wins tuition refund for sub-standard degree
Japan’s largest bank tests digital currency
Facebook denies pro-Brexit bias
Kremlin spokesman says Erdogan’s letter to Putin requires no answer
Over half of boys think online pornography is realistic, study finds
France will see further terror attacks – PM
Chinese spy ship ‘shadowing Stennis aircraft carrier’ as Japan, US & India hold joint drills
UK Treasury chief warns of tax rises, spending cuts in case of Brexit
Brazil’s Eduardo Cunha faces loss of seat in Congress
Vote Leave unveils post-Brexit ‘roadmap’ as Remain camp warns of ‘decades of uncertainty’
Uber takes to Brazilian skies with helicopter service
Millions of Chinese are calling for end to the Yulin dog meat festival
Facebook’s rise as news source hits publishers’ revenues
70 fighters dead in clashes around Syria’s Aleppo: Sources
Omar Mateen’s wife may be charged if she knew he was planning Orlando shooting
Alligator drags 2-year-old into water at Disney World resort in Florida
Archaeologist says he’s found part of throne of ancient Greek kings
Chinese spy ship shadows U.S. aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific