CFA back for a second ‘Heat Homeless’

CFA has returned to the heart of Melbourne for the second year running to distribute repurposed CFA structural firefighting jackets.

CFA back for a second 'Heat the Homeless'

With the introduction of the new specific CFA Cold Climate Jacket CFA volunteers were provided the opportunity to donate their old jackets to charity.

The project launched last winter sees CFA partner with XTM Performance through their “Heat the Homeless’ campaign. Victoria-based charity Anonymous X holds a regular event which aims to re-home second hand winter jackets that could bring some warmth to those who need it the most during winter.

CFA volunteers from Doreen and Truganina hit the streets on Friday night (19 July) to help distribute the garments.

CFA Chief Officer and CEO Steve Warrington said the initiative was an extension of our mission.

“I’m incredibly proud of the CFA team that has organised this.” CO/CEO Warrington said.

“As a volunteer and community based fire and emergency services organisation, CFA’s mission is to protect people and property.”

“This program is a natural extension of that, we get to help keep vulnerable Victorians warm and keep them safe during winter.”

As of July 2019 CFA has received more than 200 unused jackets from Brigades which will be distributed to the homeless over two nights this winter. CFA Acting Manager Procurement & Logistics Chrissy Siegman said it had been an honour to team up with Anonymous X to spread some joy and warmth to some of Melbourne’s homeless.

“If we weren’t handing these jackets out, they would be in someone’s wardrobe collecting dust or thrown out, this is a much more worthy use,”

“The jackets have come from brigades across the state reflecting the strong sense of community across all of CFA,”

“The program would not be possible without our state logistics centre team, the volunteers at the Doreen and Truganina brigades who are handing out and the volunteers from Anonymous X.”

CFA will return to Victoria Market to hand out the repurposed jackets again on Friday August 2.

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