City of Swan warns against weed Caltrop


The City of Swan is asking residents to help stop the spread of plant pest Caltrop.

Classified as a pest to WA, Caltrop is a summer growing weed found throughout the state, which commonly thrives after rain and warm weather.

Caltrop poses a nuisance to the community, particularly around roadsides, car parks and cycle parks, but is quite easy to spot thanks to the small, hairy leaves and yellow flowers.

The weed also produces an abundance of spiny burrs, large green or brown thorns and is very uncomfortable to touch for people and animals alike.

The strong burrs can puncture bike tires, penetrate thongs and cause painful injury to bare feet and pet paws.

Unfortunately, the seed is attached to the thorns meaning shoes or car tires can easily transport the weed and then spread to other sites.

The City recommends residents treat small Caltrop infestations immediately if found on private property using the following advice:

· Wearing gloves and shoes, carefully remove the plant by hand, place it in a thick bag and dispose of it in the rubbish bin.

· Ensure you collect any dislodged seeds by hand and dispose of them accordingly. This will help reduce the seeds being transported on car tires and shoes.

· If you see it on City property, please contact us and we will ensure it is treated and removed.

For large Caltrop infestations, the Department of Agriculture and Food recommends treating the plant with spraying.

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