Community satisfaction with Council maintained

Greater Shepparton City Council has released the results of the Community Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019 Quarter 3 which shows the increase in overall satisfaction with Council compared to previous years is maintained.

Since 2016 Greater Shepparton City Council has seen a significant increase in performance on all core measures including Overall Direction (up 19 points), Overall Performance (up 14 points), Customer Service (up 12 points), Advocacy (up 9 points), Sealed Local Roads (up 9 points), Making Community Decisions (up 7 points) and Community Consultation (up 4 points).

The main objectives of the survey are to assess the performance of Greater Shepparton City Council across a range of measures and to seek insight into ways to provide improved or more effective service delivery. The survey measures how the community believes Council is performing on a range of measures set by Local Government Victoria (LGV). The survey also provides councils with a means to fulfil some of their statutory reporting requirements as well as acting as a feedback mechanism to LGV.

Greater Shepparton City Council engaged Thinkfield to conduct the Community Satisfaction Survey. Thinkfield used Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) as a representative random probability survey of residents aged 18+ years in the Greater Shepparton municipality.

Two hundred Greater Shepparton residents completed interviews with the survey fieldwork being conducted in March 2019. This financial year the number of interviews to be completed increased to 800 (200 per quarter) from 500 (125 per quarter) in 2017 allowing for more accurate results.

Greater Shepparton City Council CEO, Peter Harriott, said the results of the survey are very pleasing. “The most impressive result is an increase in Overall Council Direction of 19 points over the past three years,” he said. “We have also seen an increase of 12 points in Customer Service and 14 points improvement with Overall Performance.”

“I think we are seeing a more accurate picture of community sentiment with this survey. Previous years’ surveys interviewed a total of 400 residents once a year but moving to quarterly surveys and interviewing more residents has provided a much more realistic result,” he said. “There are still improvements to be made and we encourage residents to provide their feedback if they are asked to participate next time.”

“We will continue to survey residents quarterly and release the results quarterly so that councillors and the community can see how we are tracking.”

The next survey for the fourth quarter will commence on 31 May 2019.

Survey Results

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Quarter 3
Overall Performance 55 51 58 57 49 52 62 63
Community Consultation 56 55 59 58 51 53 57 55
Advocacy 55 54 62 56 49 51 59 58
Making Community Decisions 0 0 0 56 46 49 54 53
Customer Service 68 70 72 69 60 66 71 72
Sealed Local Roads 0 0 0 49 48 40 55 57
Overall Council Direction 51 51 59 54 44 53 64 63
  • Overall Council Direction has improved to 63 points which is 19 points higher than 2016
  • Overall Performance is rated at 63 points which is 14 points higher than 2016.
  • Making Community Decisions has progressed to 53 points which is 7 points higher than 2016
  • Sealed Local Roads has improved to 57 points which can be attributed to the improved condition of our roads.
  • Customer Service has improved to 72 points – up 12 points since 2016

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