COVID-19: Work patterns must change

ThePresident of the Council of Trade Unions is reminding employers that haven’talready started collaborating with staff and unions that they must act now.

“ThePrime Ministers address to the nation today has made it explicitly clear – nowis the time for work patterns to change. Now that we are level two of the fourlevel COVID- 19 alert system people who can work from home should do so. Thosethat can’t need to do everything they can to physically distance themselvesfrom other people,” CTU President, Richard Wagstaff said.

“Mostemployers have approached managing the COVID-19 response proactively,creatively and with compassion. Now those efforts need to be intensified.Employers must collaborate with to ensure working people, along with theirunions, to find solutions.”

“Thefour-level Covid-19 alert system which the Prime Minister announced todayprovides some excellent clarity about what is expected from everyone at eachstage. It has also been assuring to provide clarity that chemists andsupermarkets will remain open ensuring that people can get the supplies theyneed. “

“Solutionscan always be found when we are united and work together,” Wagstaff said.

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