Despite a year of extreme volatility Cbus MySuper returns 0.75% for financial year

CBUS Super

Cbus Super’s investment options have closed a volatile financial year in positive territory, reporting a return of 0.75%[1]for members in the default Growth (Cbus MySuper) option.

The Cbus Growth option continues its history of strong long-term returns with average annual returns of 7.13% over 5 years and 8.54% over 10.

The Cbus High Growth investment option returned 0.63% for the financial year.

Cbus CIO Kristian Fok said the result showed the value of a well-constructed, diversified investment portfolio during volatile times.

“To see any positive result in such a volatile year is great news for members,” Mr Fok said.

“By mid-March, share markets had fallen in a month the equivalent of around 15 months’ losses during the Global Financial Crisis.”

“The conditions have been unprecedented. We’ve seen ongoing trade-wars, catastrophic bushfires plus a world-wide economic shutdown in response to COVID-19.”

“Superannuation is a long-term investment and periods of negative returns are expected to occur from time to time. We put a lot of effort into making sure members have diversified investment options as a buffer to volatility like this.”

Cbus CEO David Atkin said the result showed the strength of Australian super funds and the value of our world leading superannuation system.

“It is truly remarkable that despite major bushfires, global trade wars and the worst pandemic in 100 years Cbus has produced a positive return for members,” Mr Atkin said.

“In the space of 30 years funds have become sophisticated global investors and owners of considerable market insights and intellectual property.

“Not only has Cbus helped members weather the storm, we are now investing in the road to recovery which will see Cbus support around 100k jobs across the country.”

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