Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission report released


The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (EDBC) has released its final redistribution report which contains maps of the proposed electoral districts to be contested at the next state election.

The report details the Commission’s reasons for redistributing the boundaries for the 47 House of Assembly electoral districts.
Secretary to the EDBC, Mr David Gully, confirmed the electoral quota of 26,062 based on the state-wide electoral enrolment of 1,224,894 as at the relevant date of 30 June 2020. The projected enrolment of 1,241,999 in the year of the next State election in 2022, equates to a projected quota of 26,426.
Mr Gully noted “The Boundaries Commission, in addressing the declining population in regional districts, has met the mandatory requirements of the Constitution Act to ensure that all districts comprise a number of electors within 10% of the electoral quota”.
The proposed redistribution which alters boundaries to all districts, with the exceptions of Adelaide and Mount Gambier, results in approximately 222,000 electors changing electoral district. This number has been reduced following alterations made by the Commission to its proposed draft boundaries released earlier in August.
“The changes to the districts in the west and north of the State, including the dividing of Port Augusta between the districts of Giles and Stuart, have resulted in cascading boundary changes which expand those districts further to the south and the east”, Mr Gully said.
Mr Gully also highlighted that “Further changes to the boundaries proposed in the Commission’s draft report have seen outcomes which retain the majority of the Barossa Region within the district of Schubert, the Gawler township and surrounds in Light and alterations to the Adelaide Hills districts of Kavel and Heysen which address community of interest submissions”.
“The Commission expresses its appreciation to those who made representations during the past year, particularly in respect of the changes to the Constitution Act and those who made submissions following the release of the draft report. Many of those submissions were well considered and valuable contributions to the process”, Mr Gully said.
The report, maps of the 47 electoral districts and appendices, comprising details of the proceedings of the Commission with statistical tables and listings are available on the Commission’s website at edbc.sa.gov.au.
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