Experts on education topics

Need an expert on exam stress, school starting age, or teaching children to read? Or perhaps on the government’s new funding for three-year-old kindergarten programs? Below is a list of La Trobe University experts who are available on these and more education topics.

Better access to three-year-old kindergarten

*The benefits of the government’s new funding for three-year-old kindergarten programs – starting in 2020 in six council areas across Victoria

*Neurological benefits of early childhood education

*How earlier/more time in early childhood education will help with early identification and support for children with learning issues

Ms Leanne Grogan, PhD student, Early Childhood Education

[email protected], mobile: 03 5444 7527

School starting age

*The important factors to consider when deciding when children should start school

*Pros and cons of early and late school starting age

Dr Catherine Hamm, Senior Lecturer in Education

[email protected], mobile: 0408 968 756

Teaching children to read/speak

*Critical importance of early literacy development, and how to achieve best results

*How the teaching-to-read approaches currently used in most schools are detrimental to students

*Links between illiterate young people and anxiety/depression/contact with juvenile justice system

*Importance of developing strong oral language skills in early childhood

Professor Pamela Snow, Head, Rural Health School

[email protected], mobile: 0458 377 253

Coping with exam stress

*Dealing with stress and anxiety in the lead up to exams

*Techniques and tricks to staying calm and performing at a high level

Dr Brad Wright, Senior Lecturer, Psychology

[email protected], mobile: 0409 103 656 (please text first)

Choosing a university course

*Importance of ATARs

*Factors that young people weigh up when making course decisions

Dr Sara James, Senior Lecturer, Sociology

[email protected], 0433 036 468

Education policy

*Teacher education

*Shortage of secondary teachers in rural and regional areas

*Education policy

Associate Professor Joanna Barbousas, Head, Department of Education

[email protected], mobile: 0416 289 040

Inclusive education

*Educating students with a disability

*Developing inclusive communities and schools

*Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Professor Teresa Iacono, Researcher, Education

[email protected], mobile: 0407 363 653

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