Giving hospitality a real fighting chance – Brisbane-based delivery APP Bopple taking on big guns


Giving hospitality a real fighting chance – Brisbane-based delivery APP Bopple taking on the big guns and supporting small businesses – here are the facts and figures

The only food businesses trading today are those who were standalone takeaway or delivery outlets, or those cafes and restaurants who have been able to pivot and change their operations to delivery and takeaway, literally overnight.

Brisbane-based online ordering platform Bopple is helping local businesses survive by tapping into the new digital demand for takeaway and self-delivery without the crippling 30-35% fees currently charged by market dominators.

The online ordering platform was co-founded by Angus McLachlan who chose to base operations in his hometown of Brisbane. After working in the hospitality industry and being a passionate supporter and friend of so many operators in the industry, he said Bopple is now empowering small businesses to stay alive in the face of escalating shutdowns and hygiene concerns.

“Hundreds of businesses are adapting to a new reality in the face of changes that are sweeping the nation. Popular venues such as Happy Boy, Gauge, Fonzie Abbott, Pawpaw Cafe, Corbett & Claude, Comuna Cantina and hundreds more have moved quickly to adapt their offering for online ordering,” he said.

“We’re incredibly proud to provide a viable takeaway and self-delivery option that gives our struggling community not only a fighting chance during these difficult times, but keeps their staff employed and their doors open. We have seen the huge fees that users pay to the dominant delivery platforms and it simply does not have to like this. It’s time for change.”

And the figures speak for themselves.

“On Friday March 27 Bopple saw a record high of $136,000 revenue generated across 3,486 orders sent to local businesses. This represents a 109% increase in daily sales compared to March 6, which can be partially attributed to the number of daily orders via the native web app doubling from February to March. Friday February 14 previously held the highest daily sales on Bopple of $27,454 but since then the average spend per transaction has increased by 110% largely thanks to the inclusion of self-delivery and menu optimisation.”

Let’s consider a typical scenario:

“If you place a $100 order at Happy Boy using Kounta Ordering powered by Bopple, the venue would receive $93.51 within 24 to 48 hours. If the same customer orders using a third-party delivery platform the venue would receive up to $35 less. The venue would also need to wait 1-2 weeks for the payment to be deposited, leaving them out of pocket in these desperate times.”

McLachlan said subscription had been waived. “We’ve waived our subscription fees for 1-3 months to try to help as many businesses as possible and it’s been incredible to see the acts of kindness and success stories firsthand. The support for these local businesses has been overwhelming and nothing short of incredible!”

“These are challenging times for our industry, and we want to do whatever we can to help businesses stay open, keep staff employed and help them transition to this new reality.”

Bopple lets customers place orders and make payments online for pick-up or self-fulfilled delivery. Bopple has partnered with leading point-of-sale system, Kounta, to offer easy, affordable, integrated online ordering. The Sydney-based company is offering businesses a free Lite account to get up and running with no costs and no commitment.

The partnership, coined Kounta Ordering, gives businesses a viable option for takeaway and delivery services to their customers – meaning the only payment fee involved is 5.9% on each order.

Case Studies:

  • Proof BBQ & Booze increased their revenue generated via the app by offering self-delivery which represented over 26% of their total sales in March which was only live for 1 week of the month.
  • Miss Jones added a Pantry section to their menu which resulted in an 82% increase in revenue through the app compared to February. By nearly doubling their average spend per transaction they are able to keep trading under the new restrictions.
  • Pawpaw Cafe customers quadrupled the number of orders placed via the app from February to March with an increase in revenue of 425% via the platform across that same period.

List of notable Bopple venues:

  • Stone & Wood
  • Umami
  • Zero Fox
  • Comuna Cantina
  • Corbett & Claude
  • Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen
  • Meek Social House
  • The Yiros Shop
  • Doughnut Time
  • HellBound
  • Oxford Tap
  • 5 Boroughs
  • Zambrero
  • Hello Harry
  • Gauge
  • Proof BBQ & Booze

Quick Bopple FAQs – for cafes and restaurants

· Run your own deliveries, 0% commission added.

· Control your own delivery radius and delivery fee to the customer.

· All orders are prepaid.

· Payments are daily settlements, sent directly to you.

· Accepts all major credit cards, inc. AMEX with no added fees.

· Accept app orders using the free Bopple app on iOS + Android

· Accept online orders using the website

· Switch on and off pickup, table and delivery checkout options.

· Full control of your menu.

· Access to your sales and customer reporting data.

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