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Appointment of Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex 23 May 2022
Vaxzevria approved in EU as third dose booster against Covid
City support for Vivid Sydney helps illuminate Sydney’s cultural scene
Snake trade in Indonesia is not sustainable enough: but it could be
50-year project reveals new insights about evolution and influence of Voltaire’s thought
Major boost for Oxford’s mission to counter future pandemic threats
Community to rescue pubs, clubs and farms backed by £2.2 million government funding
Rainforest trees may have been dying faster since 1980s because of climate change
LERU conference in Leiden: ‘Universities steer society through storms’
Living better with algorithms
Statins may provide protection against depression
Katherine Parr did not persuade Henry VIII to found Trinity College Cambridge, new study argues
City of Sydney steps up support for LGBTIQA+ museum and WorldPride 2023
Study links Estrogen treatment to reduced COVID deaths
Temporary closure of Glenquarie Library
Helga Pedersen Human Rights Moot Court Competition – 10th anniversary
Bathing water season begins in Devon and Cornwall
NHS Blood and Transplant launches £20m blood, organ, plasma, and stem cell research units
Bathing water season begins for 2022
Understanding genomic modifications in transgenic papaya
Research of diverse populations advances understanding of type 2 diabetes
Caltech Researchers Help Generate First Image of Black Hole at Center of Our Galaxy
UCL comes second in UK for research power
More gender segregation in jobs means more harassment, lower pay
Oxford’s REF 2021 results show largest volume of world-leading research
Princess Astrid of Belgium talks fusion energy at UKAEA
Neuropsychiatric risks of severe Covid, other severe acute respiratory infections
Brazil-UK team played vital role in Covid response
Peter Harrison – Genome Analysis Team Leader
Fourth man charged after fatal Darlinghurst brawl
How gene mutation causes higher intelligence
Eight Oxford researchers elected to Royal Society
Peter Jüni talks to CBC about his time as Ontario Covid Science Advisory Table’s scientific director
Tungsten x-ray breakthrough advances fusion roadmap
Sale of donkey skins linked to trade in illegal wildlife products
Sunbelievable – enough tickets sold in rail sale to reach sun
ACS Central Science awards 2022 Disruptors & Innovators Prize
Announcement of new Director appointed to Secretary of State’s Office for Net Assessment and Challenge
Anwen Griffiths and Dr Romana Ramzan have been appointed to Board of British Film Institute. Robin Saunders
MARPLE diagnostics reaches South Asia
Dairy products linked to increased risk of cancer
Alcohol, tobacco, and junk food common on reality TV
How it works, how it’s changing and why it matters
Scientists engineer new tools to electronically control gene expression
BGI-led international team releases first panoramic atlases of life in cell
Victorian medicine shaped modern concepts of race
Optogenetics may be overpromised as potential neurological treatment
Neither detection nor control of high blood pressure improved by self-monitoring during pregnancy